Wham! The Psychic was right!?!?

A few months ago I went to see a psychic. I even blogged about it. It was fun, and I then life went on as normal...In fact I'd completely, well not completely, but mostly forgotten about some of the things she said until a co-worker mentioned it, thinking that she remembered the psychic saying something about Scott getting work in March.

So last night when I got home I pulled out tape recording she'd made and popped it into Scott's old walkman. By the way, finding a tape player was not an easy task. We've graduated so far beyond them that we didn't know if we'd even have one in the house, let alone one that worked! I can't even remember the last time I bought a tape let alone listened to one. I do remember the FIRST tape I ever got, Wham! Yes WHAM! George Michael in day glow pink shirts and white pants. The 80's were awesome. Just in case you forgot what that looked like, here are some pic's for your viewing pleasure....

Now that tape was released in 1984, making me six years old. I think I probably got it the next year. It's been 25 years and I still like Wake Me Up Before You Go that stands the test of time my friends.

I took that tape to Illinois for the summer and somehow lost it. I think my cousin Amanda who was in love with Bon Jovi at the time wasn't too keen on listening to her baby cousins kind of music...or maybe I just tossed it somewhere without thinking about it. Strange enough, the next year or maybe even longer than that I was back up in her room and found the tape under her bed. The details are fuzzy, but it was my WHAM tape and I was actually super excited to find it. It was like it was meant to come back to me, it was meant to be...

And that is my lame attempt to segway back to what I was originally posting about. Tangent much?

Okay, so the psychic tape. I listened to it. She does actually say that Scott will kind of struggle for a bit when finding work. Then she says that she sees Spring as better, definitely March or April, but early spring will bring a job or two. Maybe two projects. Custom work. She asks "Does he do a lot of custom work?" And I say yes, because he does. But she keeps repeating the word "custom" and always comes back to March or April. She also says that he will stay in his field because it's what he does, what he knows. She can't see him working in another field.

So here's the deal. He is staying in his field even though he briefly considered taking a job in a different one. He actually had two job offers at the same time. He is starting work in March, will probably be in his real full capacity job title in April after training. He is going to be doing custom work, and the word "custom" is actually part of the company's name. Coincidence? Maybe. Regardless, kind of fun to go back and hear her get some things right. It certainly makes me wonder if she'll be right about the other things she mentioned. Especially in relation to us having children.

When I saw her in November she recommended I see an acupuncturist...OHSU just gave me a list of recommended acupuncturist to use while pursuing fertility treatments. She said a bit more than that in relation to infertility but I'm not going to put it out here for public view just yet. But I will say that I hope the lady was right.


Jo said...

Oh, I've got chill bumps!

(I'm still trying to decide if it's because of the psychic or George Michael. . . )


Stacey said...

Perhaps this is a random comment to make here, but as much as I liked Wham and George Michael in the 80s, I (like your cousin) LOVED Bon Jovi... and am not embarrassed to say that I still do. (Swoon)