Things that make you feel old...

....sitting in the Urgent Care waiting room, listening to a parent check their child in, a child that is old enough to have strangely dyed hair and low slug pants that threaten to fall off, and hearing them list the kids birth date as the year you graduated from high school. The kid was almost as tall as me, with bright orange hair and looked like someone right out of a All American Rejects video on MTV. Hey at least I know who the All American Rejects are right? Baaaaahhh!

So we spent some of our evening at urgent care. Scott was finally sick enough to let me take him in. Turns out he has a cold, maybe the flu and pink eye. So we now have cough syrup with codeine so he can get some sleep and on his way to recovery. Oh and eye drops for his icky eyeballs. No idea where he got pink eye?? Our niece and nephews don't have it and they are usually the culprits when one of us is sick. I like to refer to them as the walking petrie dishes. Very strange. The doctor did try to give him cough syrup with vicodin in it. I had no idea that even existed! Scott doesn't do well with vicodin so he got the codeine instead, but I'm thinking next time I need cough medicine I'll be asking for the good stuff!

Luckily he made it though his first day of work today, despite being sicker than I've ever seen him in the tweleve years we've been together. Yep, that's right, he started work! Hooray! It's not exactly what he was hired for but rather than have him sit at home and wait they brought him in for another position temporarily, we'll take what ever we can get!

Other than that the only exciting thing I did today was buy some comfrey leaves (aka knitbone) and researched how to make a poultice and tea out of it. It supposedly has wonderful healing properties and aids in the healing of fractures, sprains and many other things. I kind of felt like Hermione in herbology class when I got home. I've never made a poultice before. So we'll see how it goes.

In some superdeduper good news, a few blog writers that I follow have gotten some good news in the last few days/weeks, getting BFP on the pee stick! So congrats girls! I'm so happy for you! Your perserverence and positive results keep the rest of us going!


kirke said...

I'm so glad that Scott had his first day at work!!! YAY!!!

And I love the image of you mixing different herbs to create a cure....very Hermoine indeed :)

Melissa said...

Sorry your DH is sick, but that's awesome that they had him start work!

dude, when i see the I.D. checker things "you must be born on this date in such and such year to purchase cigarettes" I feel old. and i'm 26.

The Wife said...

I think the first time I felt old was my senior year in college and I realized that most of the freshman class was born in the 80's. Since then there has been countless other times I was "shocked" by something that made me realize my age.