Erin Go Bragh!

Or as Scott said last night, Erin Go Bragh-less! I know he’s feeling better when he makes comments like this!

St. Patty’s day is coming, that means spring is around the corner and I need to find something green to wear next week.

I used to tell people that because my name is Erin, and actually means Ireland, I am exempt from all this pinching business regardless of my wearing green or not. Turns out pincher type people of the world don’t fall for that so now I have to find something green every year. Stupid pincher people.

Regardless, I do love St. Patty’s day. It marks the one week mark until my birthday which I think constitutes an entire week of celebration! So, I think I might do some fun St. Patrick’s Day themed blogs leading up to the day the Emerald Isle celebrates its patron saint, but even more fun, the day we drink loads of green beer, eat corned beef and cabbage and kiss complete strangers just because they say they're Irish! Perhaps we should also get some green mouthwash for cleaning mouths after kissing strangers...Not that I know ANYTHING about kissing strangers, I'm a married woman for peeps sake!


kirke said...

Happy Erin Day!!

I like St. Patty's day too. Although I usually forget to wear green....lucky for me HR frowns upon pinching in the workplace :)

Jo said...

I've got a HUGE green St. Paddy's day pin that I wear every year for the BIG DAY. Seriously, it's like the size of my hand. I love it!