You betta Belize it!

We've just returned from what I can easily say was the BEST vacation we have ever taken. Mind you, we're not whirlwind world travelers, but we've been to a few spots and Belize was above and beyond. It  was AMAZEBALLS!

With all of the adventure and scenery it would be impossible to write it all up in one blog so I'm planning to break it up into three or four. Honestly I could probably write six, seven...ten blogs about Belize but I'm not sure anyone would want to read that much so I'm planning to try and tone it down a bit. Really, I feel like could go on and on about the wonderful time we had in this extraordinary country.

I will say this to start. If you are ever, ever, ever given the chance to go to Belize, be it the Cayo District, Ambergris Caye (both places we visited) or one of the many other towns and areas in the country - You. Should. Go.

Don't hesitate. 

The people of Belize are super friendly and fun, full of information and stories about their young (yet old - Mayan influences everywhere you turn!) country. They only gained full independence from Britain in 1981. Because of their British colonial heritage English is spoken everywhere, along with Spanish and Kriol (sounds a little like Creole/English or maybe like a Jamaican accent). The people are diverse, many nationalities now call Belize home. We saw signs in many languages. People of all colors and shapes. It truly is a melting pot. Everyone if proud of their home and it is easy to understand that.

The land is quite diverse too. Mountains, rivers, beaches, jungles, large expanses of farm land, and caves dot the little country on the right hand side of Central America. 

I know that we will go back. There is so much more to see and do. So much to explore and so many more friends to make. Did I mention the people are friendly??

Here is just a taste of our trip...get it? Taste...ha! I'm such a nerd! 

More to come soon!