Today I had an overwhelming urge to quit my job and just read books for the rest of my life. If only that were a valid career choice. It wasn't that work was so bad, a little harried and stressful today, but not bad. Nope it really comes down to just wanting to wrap myself in stories and places and people that are so varied and amazing, yet truly living withing the pages they fill. I want to get lost in a novel, wrapped up in a history lesson and carried away by a knight in a shining armour. Oh escapism! How I love thee! I think I need to spend a little time in a book store. It's been a while. I'm feeling disconnected. Kind of crazy no? But the smell and feel of a book make me feel so warm and fuzzy, so happy and content, so fresh and new. They are simply the road to happiness.

Yes, escapism...bliss!

Hopefully this coming weekend will be just that! A quick trip to Bend with a few close girlfriends. No boys allowed! It will be a calm, cool, collected weekend of rest and relaxation and hopefully some belly laughs that leave my abs hurting the next day.

This is our last little chance to do this before our friend Cheryl pops out her little monkey.

I am really looking forward to the mini-trip and I'm really wishing it was Friday afternoon already!

Pretty hair always helps

Couple of things this week to note:

1. I took the entire week off from running to rest my ankle. I didn't even go to the gym once. I still lost weight and today when I did go for a little jog I felt good. Foot felt stable and my cardio level seems to have suffered very little. This made me feel really good. I might try either a short jog again tomorrow or take a long walk with Scott. I got a bodybugg (like they have on The Biggest Loser) so I'm now hyper aware of the calories I'm burning. The obsessive control freak in me wants to make the number go up and up and up.

2. I was unfriended on Facebook. Shocking I know, who wouldn't love me??? Unfortunately this week it was someone who I really thought was a friend. Sad to learn they didn't feel the same. She's a pretty special person with a zest for life. The truth is all friendships have some rough patches. You spend that much time with a person there are bound to be issues that pop up along the way. You hope that when things happen that both parties can be adult enough to talk it out and figure out how to fix it. That didn't happen here. I feel like I made the effort but I know I'm not perfect. Perhaps there was something else I could have done? I'll never really know because she basically dumped me. Actually told me that it wasn't worth it to have the conversation. Sad. Hurts my feelings, but I'm focusing on all of those great girlfriends I do have, who've survived years of ups and downs and all arounds. Most of the time we're all happy and loving on each other, but there have been times where we yell, and pout, and grump. We say our parts, let it out, work it out, and move on. As bad as those times can be, I think they're a good test of friendship and a good reminder that it's work from both parties. If you can't have a discussion with me when you're mad at me, if you give up on me and our friendship because I'm not worth the conversation then unfortuantely we aren't really friends, despite what I thought, despite how awesome I think you are. Life lessons.

3. I got my hair done did. This was hard. Searching out a new hairdresser almost felt like a slight on Steph, but she's not here and I know she wouldn't want me to wallow in a bad haircut. So I did a little research and found a great lady near our house. I went to see her this morning and I walked out feeling fabulous. I didn't get a hug like I always did from Steph, but I still felt great. I think it will be a good fit. The new do made me feel better, especially after the defriending incident. She even cut it so I'll have an adorable ponytail! I always have ponytail envy at the gym. No more! I have super cute hair down and up! YAY!


Just when I'm in a groove and feeling good about my workout plan, my ankle starts screaming at me.

I haven't been for a run since last Thursday and that run really turned into a walk. I'm not sure if it's been running on pavement? Or maybe it was just too much in just a few days? I have no idea really, but something has happened. I can actually feel the pins in my foot. I think. There is definitely feel something. Like a catch. And then there is shooting pain. No bueno.

So I've taken four days off from exercise (instantly saw a drop in my energy level!) though I did take a very long walk in the tulip fields on Saturday. Probably not the smartest thing but it was too pretty not to go!!

So I'm waiting two more days, no physical activity on the foot. I'll use the medicine ball and do some other things to keep moving and see how it goes. If I'm still in pain then I'll be calling the orthopedist. Grrr. I'm afraid to even think about what might be wrong with it. I am choosing to believe that it just wanted a break.

This has put a kink in my weight loss plans but I'm just going to get really diligent about what I'm putting in my mouth. Better eating, better body, better vacation photos! :)


Here are some photos from my Saturday adventure. LeeAnn, Amaya and I had a great time. I think it will become a yearly tradition!

Oodles and oodles of tulips!

My new favorite tulips, they are called Angelique. I will be buying some and planting them for next year.

Wait, maybe these are my new favorite...

Oh but I LOVE these...

I think it's safe to say I have a tulip problem. I picked out over $100 worth of bulbs I MUST purchase. But then I'd have to plant $100 worth of bulbs. It might be worth it though, just look at how fun that field is!!


I am afraid to even admit this for a few reasons, a) for fear that someone might actually hold me to it and b) that if I say it, it will really be true and it's just so wrong. So not me. I'm having trouble coming to terms with see...well the truth of the matter is...

I like running.

There. I said it. It's out there.

I like running so much I was looking up 10K's to do after my 5k in May.

This is crazy talk. Anyone who knows me just a little bit knows I am anti-running.

Maybe it's the endorphins talking? But they are from running. It's a vicious, VICIOUS cycle. No wonder people get sucked in.

10k. Pffft. Nutso. Erin = nutso.

Must go eat chocolate and reflect on this craziness. Seriously.

Oh and for anyone keeping track, I only have 4 more pounds until Scott has to quit smoking.

For your piehole!

Mini Pies!

They were actually very easy and I was surprised to find out that making my own pie crust wasn't all that difficult. Don't get me wrong, it's not easy but I thought it was going to much more troublesome than it ended up being. The hardest part was keeping the butter cold while I cubed it.

So as promised here are some pictures of the pies and the process to make them. If you want to try them yourself HERE is the tutorial I used.

These are my little mason jars filled with the pie crust. I used Paula Deen's recipe. Anything with that much butter and shortening in it has got to bake up brilliantly. If you want the recipe go HERE

Filled with apple goodness!

And cherries too!

And then there's the top crust...

Almost ready to top off and freeze!

And then you pull them out of the freezer and bake them....and they look like this!

Adorable right? You can't stand it right? They are going to get even more adorable (like it's even possible!) when I put the little tags on them with baking instructions.

So in the end, they are adorable and they taste pretty darn good. The apples could have used a bit more sugar and cinnamon but they still taste good. The crust is A-MAZ-ING! I knew Paula wouldn't let me down. I'm going to make pear pies tomorrow after work. This is my new favorite thing to make.

In other news, I ran two miles this weekend at a really good pace and felt really good after. My new running shoes are fab and make my feet oh so happy. I'd forgotten that shoes really do make a difference.

This weekend also included a trip to the vet as Miss Olivia had a little impacted gland in her rear. Yes it's gross. Yes it usually is something you don't even have to think about, but old dogs tend to have more issues....anyway, the groomer suggested I get her to the vet as she seemed to be in some pain. They were able to clear her glands but also found a mass. They took a sample and have sent it off to the lab for more info. It's possible it's cancerous. It's possible it's just scar tissue. Either way it was upsetting. Just to have to think about it. Livy is my baby even if she's a grumpy old lady. We should hear more about the tests on Wednesday or Thursday. Cross your fingers or say a prayer please.

Thankfully I have a freezer full of pies if we need a little extra comfort food...