Pretty hair always helps

Couple of things this week to note:

1. I took the entire week off from running to rest my ankle. I didn't even go to the gym once. I still lost weight and today when I did go for a little jog I felt good. Foot felt stable and my cardio level seems to have suffered very little. This made me feel really good. I might try either a short jog again tomorrow or take a long walk with Scott. I got a bodybugg (like they have on The Biggest Loser) so I'm now hyper aware of the calories I'm burning. The obsessive control freak in me wants to make the number go up and up and up.

2. I was unfriended on Facebook. Shocking I know, who wouldn't love me??? Unfortunately this week it was someone who I really thought was a friend. Sad to learn they didn't feel the same. She's a pretty special person with a zest for life. The truth is all friendships have some rough patches. You spend that much time with a person there are bound to be issues that pop up along the way. You hope that when things happen that both parties can be adult enough to talk it out and figure out how to fix it. That didn't happen here. I feel like I made the effort but I know I'm not perfect. Perhaps there was something else I could have done? I'll never really know because she basically dumped me. Actually told me that it wasn't worth it to have the conversation. Sad. Hurts my feelings, but I'm focusing on all of those great girlfriends I do have, who've survived years of ups and downs and all arounds. Most of the time we're all happy and loving on each other, but there have been times where we yell, and pout, and grump. We say our parts, let it out, work it out, and move on. As bad as those times can be, I think they're a good test of friendship and a good reminder that it's work from both parties. If you can't have a discussion with me when you're mad at me, if you give up on me and our friendship because I'm not worth the conversation then unfortuantely we aren't really friends, despite what I thought, despite how awesome I think you are. Life lessons.

3. I got my hair done did. This was hard. Searching out a new hairdresser almost felt like a slight on Steph, but she's not here and I know she wouldn't want me to wallow in a bad haircut. So I did a little research and found a great lady near our house. I went to see her this morning and I walked out feeling fabulous. I didn't get a hug like I always did from Steph, but I still felt great. I think it will be a good fit. The new do made me feel better, especially after the defriending incident. She even cut it so I'll have an adorable ponytail! I always have ponytail envy at the gym. No more! I have super cute hair down and up! YAY!


Sip with Me! said...

Glad the week off didn't set you back, the new do's a total "Do" and to hell with people who un-friend you. Who needs em?

Stacey said...

So glad the ankle is on the mend! As far as the unfriending, I think you have the right attitude about it. Sure, it hurts, but focus on the good, strong friendships that are building you up right now instead.

Enjoy your new do!