I am afraid to even admit this for a few reasons, a) for fear that someone might actually hold me to it and b) that if I say it, it will really be true and it's just so wrong. So not me. I'm having trouble coming to terms with see...well the truth of the matter is...

I like running.

There. I said it. It's out there.

I like running so much I was looking up 10K's to do after my 5k in May.

This is crazy talk. Anyone who knows me just a little bit knows I am anti-running.

Maybe it's the endorphins talking? But they are from running. It's a vicious, VICIOUS cycle. No wonder people get sucked in.

10k. Pffft. Nutso. Erin = nutso.

Must go eat chocolate and reflect on this craziness. Seriously.

Oh and for anyone keeping track, I only have 4 more pounds until Scott has to quit smoking.

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