Today I had an overwhelming urge to quit my job and just read books for the rest of my life. If only that were a valid career choice. It wasn't that work was so bad, a little harried and stressful today, but not bad. Nope it really comes down to just wanting to wrap myself in stories and places and people that are so varied and amazing, yet truly living withing the pages they fill. I want to get lost in a novel, wrapped up in a history lesson and carried away by a knight in a shining armour. Oh escapism! How I love thee! I think I need to spend a little time in a book store. It's been a while. I'm feeling disconnected. Kind of crazy no? But the smell and feel of a book make me feel so warm and fuzzy, so happy and content, so fresh and new. They are simply the road to happiness.

Yes, escapism...bliss!

Hopefully this coming weekend will be just that! A quick trip to Bend with a few close girlfriends. No boys allowed! It will be a calm, cool, collected weekend of rest and relaxation and hopefully some belly laughs that leave my abs hurting the next day.

This is our last little chance to do this before our friend Cheryl pops out her little monkey.

I am really looking forward to the mini-trip and I'm really wishing it was Friday afternoon already!


Stacey said...

I feel the same way about books. There's nothing like them! And sometimes an afternoon spent in a book store is pure heaven!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Sip with Me! said...

I don't suppose there's a Kindle in your future?

Erin said...

Tamara, that's blasphemous! :)