I need sleep. It's been a busy few days and the weekend was anything but restful. On a happy note the back yard is looking super amazing and we're almost ready for summer! If only the sunshine would come out to see us. Spring was here for a few days and then headed south for warmer weather. Sigh.

I feel like we've been running non stop for the past few weeks. Girls weekend was a nice little break and we had a fantabulous time in the great city of Bend. If for some reason we couldn't live in Portland anymore, I'd move to Bend in a heartbeat! Other than girls weekend though it's been non stop something or other. It's going to be like that for the next three weeks too. But then we will be rewarded with a trip to guaranteed sunshine in MEXICO! YIPEE!

Scott's parents are taking all of us there to stay in their beautiful timeshare in Mazatlan. We've been a few times before and simply adore the place. In fact Scott's sister likes it so much she decided to get married while we're there. So it's going to be a great vacation and a celebration. Best of both worlds. Now if we can just keep the motor running for three weeks!

Did I mention that I'm training for a 5k that I run in a few weeks too? Yep, I have a lot to do....but first sleep, on freshly washed, warm out the dryer sheets.

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