If puppies had online dating ads...

Name: Brady Bruschi Meeker
Birthdate : 1/2/12
Favorite Food: String Cheese
Favorite Toy: Cabella's Duck 
Favorite Football Team: New England Patriots
Nicknames: Little Man, Bubba, Sh*tbag, The Water Buffalo
Parents: Scott and Erin

Hey there, I'm Brady the Brittany. I'm a five month old lovebug (even though my mom says I am a monster) looking for a lap to snuggle in. Do you like to snuggle? You should come over, we can watch a dog show or maybe Animal Planet and share a blanket. The couch is pretty comfy!

I'm currently living in SE Portland at some pretty sweet digs. I've got a huge yard that I love to run in, dig in, and throw my toys around in. When I'm not lounging on the couch you can probably find me chewing on a bone or begging to go for a walk. I've even started trying to open the front door myself so I can just go. My mom's not too happy about that but I think once I figure it out and actually get the door open she'll be so proud of me she won't mind a bit! She's not too fond of me eating her gerbera daises though. I've been in trouble for it lots but they are just at my highth and such pretty colors. How am I supposed to resist? And really, look at ME, how can someone resist me??