A weekend of celebration

Brew Fest, the one time of year I really let my guard down and have more than just a few drinks...The fire boat put on a little show as we walked across the river to Tom McCall Waterfront Park

It was a beautiful day, the temperature was 87°, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The Willamette River was sparkling under the sunshine and the beer was flowing.

I'm not really a beer drinker. It's an acquired taste that I have yet to acquire, but when it's hot out and the goal is to get a bit tipsy I'm in. So we imbibe in celebration of the 21st Amendment (which is also the reason I have a job where I do) and good friendship. We act totally silly and at times unruly, but it's all in good fun and for one day we're college kids again, drinking until we can't drink another drop. Telling funny stories and laughing so hard our tummies hurt. It's a beautiful thing. It's the one time I actually allow myself to be totally irresponsible each year. It's a breath of fresh air for this control freak.

There are many more pictures but most I really shouldn't post here. Like I said, we can be a little unruly and that often leads to some pretty not so adult photos. I'll post this last one of me and Cheryl who is a Brew Fest Trooper! She goes more than one day, way more than I can handle!

Tomorrow we celebrate the twinners turning three. Their actual birthday is today so after finishing up my present shopping I went over to their house and Tricia and I took them out for ice cream. Big brother Nathan was a great help, even offering to share his ice cream and coming up with the brilliant idea that the twins should open a present when we got back to the house. Sometimes I an in awe of how Nathan is with his younger siblings. He's really growing up which is fun to watch but a bit scary at times too...I'd of thought by now we'd have kids to be his cousins. As it is now, when we finnally do have them he will be so much older. That makes me a bit sad because I loved being with my cousins when I was younger. Cousins who were older really weren't on my radar. For good reason, they had other lives and I was just a silly baby...

Anyway, back to the twins and presents.

Picture Jake, sitting on the couch holding a wrapped present, shakes it and says, "There are legos in my present!" It was adorable. Can't wait to celebrate them again tomorrow!

Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT!

Harry Potter and the HBP was awesome. Really, my favorite of the series movie was thus far. I am terribly sad that I have to wait until November of 2010 for the next movie. However it gives me reason to reread the book and that will keep me happy for a day or two :)

I think I'll go back and see it in IMAX when it comes out next week.

In other news, Oregon will become the surface of the sun this week. Temps are expected to get up to 100+ . I LOVE warm weather, but 85 is where I top out as far as enjoyment goes. I tend to melt once the temp gets past that. And by melting I basically turn into a sloth, unable to move, unable to get anything done. Our little house often times gets to be 6-10 degrees hotter inside than outside. I guess it's time to have Scott put the A/C unit in the living room. I hate how big and clunky it is but I hate glistening more (yes glistening, I don't sweat). And I know I'm completely wimpy as far as heat goes. Those of you in Arizona, Nevada and Texas must just be laughing at me now. Just keep in mind I work in a converted attic that does not have A/C. I might actually melt to my chair and become stuck. When that happens you'll feel bad for laughing at me. You'll then have to send me flowers to feel better, I just know it! :)

The heat also means that Brew Fest is going to be hotter than a mother flipping chilli pepper in a campfire! I think it would be wise of us to pack some extra water and food so we don't get overheated. Probably should also take pictures early on so as not to show off how much we glisten....ICK! Hope the beer stays cold!

Friday Photograpy

Admittedly this is an old shot, and not even the best one I took but it's the only one I have access to right now. I do love it though. It's such a pretty part of the Oregon coastline, filled with tons of tide pools and great views. In fact I may try to talk Scott into a drive out there in a few weeks, just to stick my finger in a sea anemone. I love it when they squirt water back at you!

Next Friday I'll be taking loads of pictures at the annual Oregon Brewers Festival. I'll be sure to post some here. The day usually gets a bit crazy but always provides plenty of material for shots.

Hope you all have a nice weekend!

Need Your Help!

Every year we attend the Oregon Brewers Festival. A group of us have been doing this for some time. We take a half day off on Friday, head down to beautiful Tom McCall Waterfront Park and drink lots and lots of beer.

Part of the tradition includes wearing a funny t-shirt.

2007 I had one that said "Friends don't let friends vote Republican" and Charity had one that said "Friends don't let friends vote democrat"

2008 I had one that was a picture of a Beet with a black eye and it said "Don't make me throw a beet down!"

I am having a very difficult time finding a shirt this year. I've checked all the usual websites and the shirts are either too crass or not funny enough. My best candidates at this point are "This beer is making me awesome!" or "I Rule" with a picture of a ruler. Not really as fun as I'd like them to be.

So I need your help! Either point to a funny shirt or give me a funny saying I can have put on a shirt.

A pretty day in July...

I picked the 14th because it was an even numbered day. I'm a freak like that. I just really prefer an even number to an odd and it seemed like a good idea to get married on one. It was also a Friday which meant we didn't have to worry about sharing the facility with anyone else that day.

It was a lovely evening. It was warm, the sun shined until late in the evening. The stars came out that night, they sky was clear. I can't say that anything really went wrong. Sure there was a small mishap here or there, and I did have one huge melt-down over something terribly silly (makeup on the inside of my dress where no one could see it). But overall it was just perfect. People danced the night away and stayed until the place kicked us out.

It's been nine years now, and just today I finally scanned some photos - yes we got married before digital photography had become all the rage. I am very sad that our photographer lost the film. I can never order more shots, or buy shots we didn't get the first time around. Thankfully we got quite a few when we did purchase our photos.

Nine years. Doesn't really seem all that long ago...but when I look back at our baby faces in the photos I can really tell it's been that long.

Ups and downs and all arounds, we've always found some common ground and I can honestly say that today, all these years later, he's still my dream boat. I fall asleep better when he's home, in bed with me. I still get excited for him to come home from work. I still would rather cuddle on the couch than go shopping (shocking I know!). He's just the one for me. I'm just lucky I found him so early and that we've been able to grow as adults and not grow apart. I think I've been pretty blessed...

July 14, 2000

Nothing doing...

Nothing fun or exciting to report. Perhaps that is a good thing. At least nothing bad has happened...

My Aunt's cancer hasn't spread so she won't have to do chemo, thank goodness.

Greg is home from the hospital, getting better at home where it's easier to get better.

Those are the good things, the blessings.

**** now for my pity party ****

Despite those amazing things I'm struggling to stay chipper these days. It's not one thing in particular. It's not as if one big bad thing has made me sad or grumpy. I'm just not feeling it these days. I feel like 2009 has been a pretty rotten year and by now it should be improving, and yet I'm still in limbo - financially, baby-itis, stupid ankle (which is better but not normal). Just waiting, one day, for life to get easy. Even if just for a few months, it would be nice to not worry about things.

I'm hoping this weeks beautiful weather, and next weekends camping trip will help elevate my mood. I would go get a pedicure but it costs too much and my ankle wouldn't cooperate... again with the waiting! I'm so tired of waiting! BAH!!!!! Sigh.... just call me Eeyore.