Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT!

Harry Potter and the HBP was awesome. Really, my favorite of the series movie was thus far. I am terribly sad that I have to wait until November of 2010 for the next movie. However it gives me reason to reread the book and that will keep me happy for a day or two :)

I think I'll go back and see it in IMAX when it comes out next week.

In other news, Oregon will become the surface of the sun this week. Temps are expected to get up to 100+ . I LOVE warm weather, but 85 is where I top out as far as enjoyment goes. I tend to melt once the temp gets past that. And by melting I basically turn into a sloth, unable to move, unable to get anything done. Our little house often times gets to be 6-10 degrees hotter inside than outside. I guess it's time to have Scott put the A/C unit in the living room. I hate how big and clunky it is but I hate glistening more (yes glistening, I don't sweat). And I know I'm completely wimpy as far as heat goes. Those of you in Arizona, Nevada and Texas must just be laughing at me now. Just keep in mind I work in a converted attic that does not have A/C. I might actually melt to my chair and become stuck. When that happens you'll feel bad for laughing at me. You'll then have to send me flowers to feel better, I just know it! :)

The heat also means that Brew Fest is going to be hotter than a mother flipping chilli pepper in a campfire! I think it would be wise of us to pack some extra water and food so we don't get overheated. Probably should also take pictures early on so as not to show off how much we glisten....ICK! Hope the beer stays cold!

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