Nothing doing...

Nothing fun or exciting to report. Perhaps that is a good thing. At least nothing bad has happened...

My Aunt's cancer hasn't spread so she won't have to do chemo, thank goodness.

Greg is home from the hospital, getting better at home where it's easier to get better.

Those are the good things, the blessings.

**** now for my pity party ****

Despite those amazing things I'm struggling to stay chipper these days. It's not one thing in particular. It's not as if one big bad thing has made me sad or grumpy. I'm just not feeling it these days. I feel like 2009 has been a pretty rotten year and by now it should be improving, and yet I'm still in limbo - financially, baby-itis, stupid ankle (which is better but not normal). Just waiting, one day, for life to get easy. Even if just for a few months, it would be nice to not worry about things.

I'm hoping this weeks beautiful weather, and next weekends camping trip will help elevate my mood. I would go get a pedicure but it costs too much and my ankle wouldn't cooperate... again with the waiting! I'm so tired of waiting! BAH!!!!! Sigh.... just call me Eeyore.

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Stacey said...

Hey Erin,

So sorry to hear you've been feeling down. I was thinking of you today. Sometimes I don't get your updates in my reader and then I realize that I've missed a few posts! :(

Hope things are looking up for you this week.