Friday Photograpy

Admittedly this is an old shot, and not even the best one I took but it's the only one I have access to right now. I do love it though. It's such a pretty part of the Oregon coastline, filled with tons of tide pools and great views. In fact I may try to talk Scott into a drive out there in a few weeks, just to stick my finger in a sea anemone. I love it when they squirt water back at you!

Next Friday I'll be taking loads of pictures at the annual Oregon Brewers Festival. I'll be sure to post some here. The day usually gets a bit crazy but always provides plenty of material for shots.

Hope you all have a nice weekend!

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Andrea said...

I love this picture. Your blog and commentary always puts a smile on my face even if it's about struggles. I have some serious catching up to do. I didn't realize your blog was private again and kept waiting for an update to pop up on my tracker on my blog. Didn't you make it public for awhile or did I totally lose my mind?