Need Your Help!

Every year we attend the Oregon Brewers Festival. A group of us have been doing this for some time. We take a half day off on Friday, head down to beautiful Tom McCall Waterfront Park and drink lots and lots of beer.

Part of the tradition includes wearing a funny t-shirt.

2007 I had one that said "Friends don't let friends vote Republican" and Charity had one that said "Friends don't let friends vote democrat"

2008 I had one that was a picture of a Beet with a black eye and it said "Don't make me throw a beet down!"

I am having a very difficult time finding a shirt this year. I've checked all the usual websites and the shirts are either too crass or not funny enough. My best candidates at this point are "This beer is making me awesome!" or "I Rule" with a picture of a ruler. Not really as fun as I'd like them to be.

So I need your help! Either point to a funny shirt or give me a funny saying I can have put on a shirt.

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