Clear the road!

Beep! Beep! That's the sound one makes while backing up in the motorized shopping carts at I finally broke down and used one today knowing there was no way I could cover all that ground on my crutches. It was a bit scary at first and I know Scott thought I was being overly cautious at first, but it's a very strange thing to drive a little cart in a store! However strange though, it was AWESOME! I didn't get tired, I covered lots of ground, little kids thought I was cool...okay so I made that last one up, but I was cool. And those things have an amazing turning radius!

We took the outing because after doing lots of reading I've determined that my ankle has a better chance of healing if I take a multi-vitamin and some extra calcium (with vitamin D added of course). Scott's sister the nurse also recommended it so I thought it would be prudent to follow her advice. I'd just seen a commercial for's new line of gummi vitamins for adults and figured that would be exceedingly better than chewables or big pills to swallow. So away to we went! My mom was nice enough to take us there and spring us from the house. Scott's nearly all better but was beginning to suffer the affects of Cabin Fever. We also got a free lunch out of the deal! Thanks Mom!

So now that I'm an experienced electrical cart driver I feel like I can go to other stores by myself and regain some of my independence and self sufficiency. That makes me feel good. I am still quite surprised by how people don't really move for you, or even step in front of you while you are obviously at a disadvantage. People were blocking entire aisles and could clearly see me, even make eye contact with me and would still not move. At one point my mom had to clear a path, or attempt to. Just kind of strange. I know I'm not that oblivious.

I also got to have an outing with my sister in law and nephew yesterday. We spent some time at the bookstore, my heaven on earth! I saw a zillion things I wanted but refrained from maxing out my credit card and settled on just one book, a guide for NYC. I'm looking forward to filling it with post-it-notes and highlighting things. I figured I shouldn't be allowed to buy any more leisure reading books until I finish all the great books that have been loaned to me since breaking my ankle. I'm currently reading a series that takes place here in the Willamette Valley and centers on a scenario where everything electrical stops working, oh and guns and steam engines too. Basically an "end of days" scenario. It's pretty interesting and even more so because it's taking place in cities and towns right around me. Unfortunately Portland proper doesn't fare so well...let's just say you want to be living near Bend if you're going to survive this!

Well, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire just started so Scott and I are going to snuggle in and watch it! Yay for Cedric Diggory! I'll take Edward in any form....vampire, wizard....

I leave you with the picture as requested....Erin in her Snuggie, reading her new NYC book! Yes I look like a monk in an ass backward robe, but I'm warm and cozy! :)

PS. It's Cadbury Cream Egg season and your local has plenty! I know this because I bought some today and enjoyed eating one immensley!


Melissa said...

gah! what a bunch of rude people who didn't move for you!! lame.

Also-picture is hilarious! :)

The Wife said...

Dude! I've always wanted to ride one of those things, but never have had the opportunity. I feel wrong using them if nothing's wrong with me. btw, i watched harry potter last night too!

love the snuggie!

Stacey said...

I have to confess that I'm always a little envious of the people who ride the little carts in the store! It looks like so much fun - not to make light of your injury, of course!

Great pic! I don't have a Snuggie but I am always cold even though I live in Texas for Pete's sake.

I sure hope you get well enough to really enjoy your birthday and NYC in a few weeks! My hubby and I just went to New York for the first time ever this past October. We had a great time - there are a few pics on my blog from Oct if you wanna look. :)

kirke said...

I so love that you posted a pic of the Snuggie. Hilarious.

I hope you are able to enjoy your trip!!

Parenthood For Me said...

Did you buy that blanket thing on TV? I absolutely love cadbury eggs. I eat way too many of them this time of year!

Jo said...

Thank you for the Snuggie pic! I love it!

You are just too cute for words.