I had a follow up appointment with my orthopedist yesterday. It’s didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. Apparently my fracture is more stubborn than most and is not healing all that well. Four weeks after injury he would have liked to see some repair of bone on the x-rays, but there wasn’t any. The only good news that came out of it is that my soft tissue damage seems to be healing nicely so my pain should continue to decrease. If the fracture itself doesn’t look any better in two weeks he may consult with a surgeon and they will determine whether surgery is needed. Blech. Stupid fibula. Stupid crutches. Stupid boot cast.

I am supposed to go to NYC in four weeks. My birthday is in three. I usually love March. This March is testing my patience and it’s only the first week! I’m not looking forward to NYC with a gianormous boot attached to my leg. Somehow I think crutches in the city will be quite a challenge.

Husband has a nasty cold to add to our fun. We’re pretty pathetic. I had to call a friend to bring us Nyquil because while I can get to the store, I can’t carry anything while there. She came to the door, covered her face and handed Scott the bag of goods. Didn’t want to come in and risk contamination. It felt like we were a quarantine house!

I feel pretty helpless and I hate that. I enjoy being self sufficient and independent.

Scott’s new job, while very promising, continues to frustrate us. I hope it’s just temporary. He has yet to be given a start date and the longer the hold out the more worried I get. I know it’s not that they don’t want him. I’m certain it’s all economy driven. Please keep crossing your fingers for good news soon.

I’ve got to find something positive to do this weekend to keep me from falling into a funk. Those last few paragraphs are so pathetic…

I’ve been wanting to bake for a few weeks, not sure why, just feel the need to make something sweet and frost it. I may attempt that this weekend and see if it’s possible to maneuver around the kitchen by hopping instead of using crutches. I have some left over fondant so maybe I’ll make a mini cake and practice covering it. It’s been years since I attempted covering an entire cake. I’ll take pictures to document what is sure to be a debacle. But that’s what so great about cake decorating. Even if it’s ugly when you finish you can eat the evidence!

In super awesome news, I got a Snuggie! A co-worker of mine gifted me this week after the girls at work and I had a conversation about them. It’s everything I ever dreamed it would be. My arms stay warm when I’m reading and it’s come in very handy while I’ve been sleeping on the couch pending Scott’s recovery from his cold. Scott rolls his eyes at me every time I use it and has threatened to burn it. He also took a picture of me in it and sent it to a number of people without telling me. He’s awesome. Even with a miserable cold he finds ways to torment me. It’s that damn iPhone!

Sigh....I'm so happy it's Friday!


Jo said...

A Snuggie? OMG -- My hubby calls that an ass-backward bathrobe. . .hilarious!!!!

I love to bake, though I'm not nearly as clever with decorating as you. I've never attempted fondant -- it seems too hard.

PLEASE post pictures of the Snuggie -- I've never known someone who owned one in real life.


The Krull Family said...

My dad bought everyone in the family a snuggie. I couldn't contain my laughter because:

a) we live in Arizona and it really doesn't get that cold

b) they make anyone look like a monk


kirke said...

I just caught up on your last three posts! I can't wait to hear what the psychic said about babies. What a cliffhanger!

I will definitely keep my fingers crossed that a start date comes soon!

I hope you enjoy your snuggie :)

The Wife said...

That stinks that your fracture isn't healing correctly. It has to be so fustrating that it's taking so long. Hopefully it will be better by the time NYC comes along.
My husband keeps saying that he's going to get me a Snuggie. He saw the commercials and then saw them on the Today show and he's been fascinated (or amused about them) ever since!

Melissa said...

omg, i had to laugh that he took a picture of you in the snuggie and sent it out! how funny.

I hope they give him a solid start date soon! When my DH got a new job in MN (we were living in WI off of savings) it took weeks for him to get a start date b/c he needed to run around and do all this random nonsense. it was so frustrating! So I hope a solid date arrives.

I hope you don't need surgery!

Oh man, walking around NYC with a boot on would be horrible!!!

Yay for cake & sweet things!!