Psst...there's a spider in her hair!

On Saturday evening I was sitting next to my good friend Cheryl when I noticed there was a little brown spider crawling in her hair. ACK!

Normally I am a complete chicken when it comes to spiders, but being unable to get up and run (stupid crutches) I was forced to deal with the situation. I’d also had a little liquid courage in the form of a Coconut Lime Rickey (most divine alcoholic drink ever created). However this liquid courage had also slightly impaired my normal thought process. Now before you continue I need to stress that I had only had one drink. I wasn't wasted, not even close to drunk. I was just a little...happy.

Instead of taking immediate action I leaned over to another friend at the table and said, “There is a spider crawling in Cheryl’s hair!” I said it in a half whisper half hiss and then looked back at Cheryl. The spider was back on the move and without pausing I just reached up, grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked that spider out. I was trying to kill the spider in the process so I had closed my fist around her hair and was pulling it down in order to get the spider out. I didn’t warn her and she hadn’t heard me tell the other friend what was going on. I got the spider and thankfully Cheryl doesn’t have a sensitive scalp so my yanking didn’t hurt her. The look of surprise on her face was priceless. The rest of the table thought it was pretty funny too.

In hindsight I’ve decided that you should a) not tell other people about the spider before taking action because you lose valuable time and b) warn the person who is wearing the spider that you are about to rip it out of their hair.

In the end it all worked out and Cheryl was very appreciative that I saved her from what was sure to be an imminent death. I was the hero of the day!

Bless the Coconut Lime Rickey!


Ashleigh said...

Wow, a hero on crutches...that would make a great comic book hero.

Melissa said...

i was laughing my butt off reading this! Glad you saved your friend Cheryl from the spider!

kirke said...

I'm intrigued by this fancy concoction....I know if I ever have a spider in my hair, I hope I am sitting by you.....

Elle Charlie said...

Wow, you are BRAVE!