Recipe for a perfect weekend

One Bottle Pinot Blanc
One Bottle Pinot Noir
One Six Pack Diet Cherry Coke
One Six Pack Beer
One Veggie Pizza
One Meat-tastic Pizza
One Salad
One Rented Movie
Five Pints Various Ben & Jerry's flavors
One Box of cookies
Five Super Good Friends
One Pretty Awesome Husband
Multiple inappropriate comments
Multiple laughs over inappropriate comments

Mix together in basement near TV and couch and enjoy!

Recipe creator is not responsible for boys who partake then burp and fart just to annoy their spouses!

Recipe creator has discovered that by some miracle of nature when all ingredients are combined there are no calories associated!


That's my plan for Friday Night, and a Game Night on Saturday to follow up! Perfect weekend to take my mind off upcoming ankle surgery and nixed vacation. Do hope you all have fabulous weekends as well!

If you're here visiting with ICWL, Welcome! Just a bit of background for you, I'm a 30something who has, along with my husband Scott, been trying to have a baby for the better part of seven years. This year we decied to get serious about our atempts are are planning to persue IVF in May or June. Just a few more blood tests and we're all set! For now we're trying to take it easy and "relax" before the hard stuff starts!


Melissa said...

woot! Sounds like an awesome weekend! hope you have a fantastic time!

kirke said...

Your weekend sounds perfect! I'm not sure which part I like best...the wine, pizza or ice cream!!

womb for improvement said...

Sounds perfect. (The weekend recipe not the whole having to go through IVF etc!).


mrsmoore08 said...

Sounds like you are going to have a great weekend! I might steal the recipe :)

Serendipity said...

that sounds like a perfect weekend, especially the five ben & jerrys flavours... although I'm not sure I could pick just five. I'd probably forgo the rest of the food in this recipie and stick to just ice cream and wine :)


cysteract said...

yeah! that sounds like a great weekend... must try this recpie ... it would work ok if I used good friends instead of the husband right ? (seen as I don't have a husband to hand )

Good luck for your surgery !

Pundelina said...

I'm popping as a ILCWer! Hope the weekend fun turned out as good as it sounded - I especially like the part of the recipe where no calories are involved!


c by the sea said...

calories definitely don't count among good friends and laughter....right?

good luck on your upcoming surgery and IVF journey.


Nina said...

How fun. Wishing you luck!

leahisloopy said...

I have to say... I had wrist/arm surgery because of a nasty break. It healed WAY faster than I ever thought. I was only in a cast for 2 weeks. It will heal much better and faster this way.

AND! I SEE THAT YOU ARE OFFICIALLY COMING TO MY WEDDING!! that is SO exciting! YAY! is your mom coming too?!