Do they make dentures for dogs?

This weekend Olivia lost another tooth. That makes three in the last few months. Normal for puppies, not normal for ten year old dogs. We've known she's had bad teeth for a while. Our last trip to the vet they told us she was perfectly healthy except for some pretty bad teeth. Apparently they are what are causing her horrible breath. The estimate to have them pulled was more then $1800...and that was just an estimate.

Say what? $1800! I haven't spent that much on my teeth in the last few years and they could use it! In the end we decided she wasn't in any pain and she was clearly able to eat anything we put in front of her. We should have named her Hoover or Dyson as she pretty much just vacuums up any food in her dish. Plus we didn't have the money. With Scott not working, things like doggy dental work have kind of taken a back seat to other things. Like paying the electric bill.

I've been very torn about our decision not to pay for the dental work. Olivia, despite her grumpy old lady demeanor is my baby, and I like to think I'm a good mommy and dog owner. She is extremely healthy otherwise and I think she's a pretty happy dog as far as grumpy dogs go. This dog pretty much wants for nothing. In fact if I could come back in another life as a dog I might want to be her. She has two beds, three blankets, countless collars and leashes and she gets to sleep on the couch all day!

Now she's missing these teeth and I can tell that a few others in the front are pretty loose. When I push on them they move a bit. I'm surprised because the vet had only mentioned the teeth in the back of her mouth needed assistance. If this keeps up she'll soon be missing her trademark under bite!

I'm a little extra worried because when our beloved Cocker Spaniel Mollie started having teeth and gum problems it was the precursor to the cancer that took her from us.

I guess I'm going to have to break down and take her in for a check up. I hate to pay money for them to say once again that she needs $1800+ worth of dental work. But I know that if there is a serious infection it can spread to her blood stream and she can get very ill. I don't even want to think about that.

So I guess the question is, do they make dentures for dogs? And will I have to put them in for her and clean them? Because that's a whole new level of nasty. Or will her one and only doggy wish for wet food all the time finally come true?

I guess it would be nice not to need a gas mask every time she yawns....

Sweet baby dog, who I guess isn't much of a baby anymore.


kirke said...

I hope your dog doesn't need dentures :)

I hate when puppies need expensive procedures. I love my dogs, and I really don't like being put in the spot of having to prove how much.

When we got my littlest dog spayed this fall, they said, "You can have the fancy laser surgery for 500 dollars or the regular procedure for 150." or something like that......I had to say, " about we just do it old-school style."

Parenthood For Me said...

What a cute post. Lucy, our Brittany spaniel sounds a lot like your dog. She is a food fanatic- the vet said she is a glutton. She would eat herself to death.
Lucy's breath is horrible. We just paid $350 to have her teeth cleaned and she had some caps put on b/c her teeth were chipped. It sounds ridiculous that I am talking about my dog, but she was our first baby. I love her to death. She's only 6 but I am already worried about her getting older.
Good luck with your dog. The money sucks but our pets are so important. They are members of the family.

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Barry Jones said...

I know ex actually where you all are coming from, I have a 6 year old cocker, Prissy, short for Priscilla, her father was Elvis, purebred cocker, Teeth started falling out,then they all turned bad, tried everything doggy dental products, I was scared more on poison by all the products, But nothing worked, We are not to the point of soft doggy food but its coming shortly, Ive had her on doggy antibiotics, went to a dietary food, Short of spending thousands to get probally nothing done except all pulled out, she will not let a muzzle on her nose to draw blood, her teeth hurt to much for that, the vet will not do anything, I promised Prissy I will do anything for her, but I cannot find dentures