New London = New Dublin

Strangely enough when I decided to post some blogs about St. Patty’s Day I stumbled upon this picture.

Kind of silly just in the fact that grown men are dressed in all green to change the city’s name. And notice that it take four men to hold up the ladder. Maybe that's due to the snow? Slippery ladder in snow! One of them is working much harder than the rest. He's really putting his weight into it. Funnier still is that it’s the city I spent many of my summers in while my dad was living there. It’s tiny. Population of about 7,500 people total. To me it was the quintessential Wisconsin town, complete with a cheese factory!

I had no idea they had a St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Of course I was only ever there in June, July and August. Great little town though. Many memories of days in the river, bbq-ing with family friends, and my first ever opossum sighting! My dad lived right on the Wolf River, down the road from the cheese factory, and there was a lot of wild life to be seen. Apparently there are Leprechauns living there too!

I don’t know if the Werbelow family still lives there, but if by chance someone stumbles upon this, and knows them, tell them Erin says hello!

In other news, it's Saturday and I've spent the bulk of my day on the couch. Scott is working and I still can't walk on my stupid foot so my mobility is limited. Foot also hurts quite a bit these days. Not sure if that's normal for broken bones... So I've been reading and watching TV. I think I've decided that the best birthday present ever would be Tim Gunn taking me shopping. I love him.


The Wife said...

Cute picture. Sorry if today was a bummer for you. Although some times I wish for days I can just veg out and watch meaningless TV all day.

kirke said...

I love the picture of grown men getting all dressed up in green and doing something absolutely ridiculous. I mean, I like St. Patty's day too, but I couldn't imagine taking it to that level :)