Weekend Update

My friend Cheryl and I went to see Movin' Out on Saturday. I'm not sure what I was expecting exactly. Maybe something a little like Grease but set to the music of Billy Joel? It's my fault for not reading up on it I suppose. Regardless, it was pretty and the music was fun, but all in all I have to say that Movin' Out will not go down as one of my favorite theater experiences. I like the ballet. I like Billy Joel. I don't like them together. I really wish we'd saved our money and got tickets for Wicked or Grease which are both coming to Portland this spring. Oh well...maybe Scott and I will have to go see a show in NYC....

Yep, NYC! We're going to use some air miles and go hang with Andy and Luzma for a week. We're thrilled. It's the only way we could afford a vacation this year. Sure is nice to have family in other places around the country...where Alaska flies! Plus I feel like we need to get out of Oregon for a break before we get started on the serious fertility treatments. Once we start that we have to stick fairly close to home for monitoring and all that jazz. This trip will be something to look forward to and a little reward in advance for what we may embark on. Scott has never been to The Big Apple, or anywhere on the East Coast other than Florida so we're also thinking about making a jaunt up to Boston, maybe New Haven too. Just to see a bit more of the country. I'm hoping April will be a little warmer there then it will be here, but even if it's not we'll enjoy the trip.

Other fun things this weekend, Christmas Gift Exchange with friends. We named this year Craptacular Christmas. We were all on a budget so we went very light and tried to make it personal. I had obtained all sorts of free samples to go along with little gifts. I think the samples were a hit. Who knew Splend.a, and Shampoo would make people so happy!

I was not ready for Monday morning to roll around so quickly. Somehow my weekend dissapeared way too fast. I really need a three day weekend but need to save my time off for NYC so I need to find ways to make the work weeks more bearable. I think it's time to become independently wealthy. Yep, need to work on that.

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