Stand By Your Man

I'm a bit teary today. I'm unsure if it's the progesterone, the inauguration, or my irritation that I wasn't able to watch the inauguration. It's probably all three.

I listened to the inauguration and speech on CNN Radio. My bosses were going to bring in a TV, but it didn't happen and the internet feeds were too overloaded to watch, so radio it was.

I am hopeful for this new administration. I was touched by President Obama's words. I believe that he feels the same conviction he speaks with. I want to believe that he is all that he says he is, all that everyone believes him to be. It's refreshing to see a face in the White House that doesn't make me want to throw rotten tomatoes and cow dung. I know he isn't perfect, and he wasn't my first choice, but he does stand behind many of the convictions I do and on that common ground I will support him and hope with him. I will embrace this change, because today it feels right. Today it feels like a good fit and for the first time in a very long time I feel proud of my elected officials...except Sam Adams (Mayor of Portland) but that's a whole different story...

Theme Song For Today - Beautiful Life by Fisher click on "Fisher" if you want to listen to a bit.

You may know it from the John and Kate Plus 8 commercials, but the entire song is wonderful. Makes me want to bop around outside in the crisp January sunshiney day. I think it's the perfect song for a day like today, ripe with ideas, togetherness and a sense that we're all a part of something big.


WiseGuy said...

Hey...I am not sure but I think your text font is also white...I selected the whole thing to be able to read through...or maybe my PC is playing tricks on me.

Obama certainly has a lot of hope riding on him. I wish he will be able to fulfill all the good ones.


In Due Time said...

Yesterday was most def. a great day. :-)

daega99 said...

I manages to watch online with CNN & Facebook. It was amazing to watch and hear. I hope he will inspire everyone to work towards change!

*ICLW 66*

daega99 said...
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Jill said...

I got to see the swearing-in, but I didnt' get to see the speech. I listened to it on the radio, thougb, with tears streaming down my face. I get all teary when I hear that song, too!

Happy ICLW! Thanks for stopping by!