Tomato Soup and Goldfish Crackers

That's what I'm having for lunch. It appears it might be the most exciting part of my day. Pretty lame.

I am contemplating creating some sort of ruckus either at work or maybe at the gym later today just to shake things up a bit. Maybe tuck my gym pants into my socks and count how many people look at me? Or maybe I'll sing while running. Bob on The Biggest Loser (which I LOVE) said it's really good for your breathing. I wonder if the other worker-outers would appreciate my rendition of Just Dance by Lady GaGa?

Somehow I think not.

It's only Wednesday and I'm so ready for the weekend I could spit. Well maybe not spit. But if wishing or praying could bring on a weekend it would be here already.

It seems lately that I live for my weekends. I'm kind of having one of those periods where I'm tired of my job. It's not that I don't have a good job, Lord knows I am lucky to have what I do, I just feel a little trapped by it all. I want to get out do something more creative. I want to craft and take photographs and write and bake pretty cakes. I can do all of those things while I have a job, it would just make life so much more fun if those things were my job.

I feel extra whiny today. I think AF must be on her way. Progesterone induced of course, but still on the way. I want chocolate and I want it now! I want to sleep and I want to sleep all day! I want to snark at, gossip about and sneer at people. I even like honking my horn! On the other hand I really want to snuggle and bake too. I hate what hormones do to us poor ladies. I'm like a mess of emotions, reactions and smug faces. I can't imagine that I'm all that pretty. Huge design flaw in women. Hormones exist to make us have babies (in theory) and yet they tend to make us pretty unattractive at times. I'm glad my husband still likes me.

Okay, done whining today. Going to get off my ass, run on the treadmill, listen to loud music and get out of this funk!


Anita said...

Those hormones! yikes! They really like to mess us around :) I hope you enjoyed your run at the gym. I think it would be hilarious to see someone singing out loud while running on the treadmill. I could never do it though - i'd pass put from lack of oxygen!

p.s thanks for stopping by my blog :)

April said...

i think that your lunch sounds awesome!! yummy!

i saw that episode of loser and thought about what it would be like if the people next to me were singing. it's not uncommon for all of us to sing a song out loud in spinning....but that is in a closed room, and most people who do it are a little crazy anyway :)

The Wife said...

Hi! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I really like your many of the entries are familiar to me...especially the one about the inauguration. BTW, did you happen to watch "How I Met Your Mother?" Cause your title totally went with this week's episode. I look forward to reading more!

Soralis said...

Hormones can really suck! Good luck with TTC.


N said...

Yum. I love tomato soup.

Singing is great while you're running... but if you're inside, they may kick you out. ;-) I miss running a lot (was told to stop by orthopedist) and this makes me miss the rush I'd get from it.

Some days I wish this whole baby making thing could happen totally without hormones. Sadly, that day has not yet come.