Salad in a tub?

I grew up on fresh salads made from fresh heads of lettuce washed and dried in our own kitchen. I am of the opinion that this makes the best salad, crisp and tasty.

Lately though I've been buying those pre-washed plastic tubs of salad. They are great because you can easily close them up and use the rest later. It's pretty cheap considering what you're getting, and it's just damn easy. I always feel a little guilty about it though. Like I'm cheating and not making salad the way my mother taught me.

And yet, today I saw something that may prevent me from ever buying open, fresh lettuce again. While I was squeezing avocados I noticed a lady a few feet from me drop a head of red leaf on the ground. As she bent to pick it up she accidentally kicked it, then stepped on it, then sneezed. She didn't sneeze directly on it, but she wasn't making a real effort to send her snot in another direction either. Then she put it back in the pile! Ack! I'm not sure my super duper salad spinner has enough umph to get that head of lettuce clean!

So I'm wondering what I would have done in this situation. I know I don't want to put it back on the pile, but where do you put it? Maybe in a bag and hand it to one of the produce worker and explain what happened.

"Hi (pause to look at name tag) Tom. This fell on the ground then got stepped on and sneezed on, you probably don't want to sell it."

But then I suppose the truly right thing to do would be to buy it and toss it as soon as you leave the store, least your uber helpful husband unpacks the groceries before you can explain that you snotted on the lettuce. And then you have to admit to your husband that you stepped on, sneezed on and kicked a defensless head of lettuce and watch him roll his eyes or snicker.

Okay, maybe I've put too much thought into the lettuce debacle?


Soralis said...

Yikes... now I have a lettuce issue! :) They need a 'bin' for dropped stuff at the grocery store. Can you imagine what is on some of the other vegetables, people sneezing and stuff! OK I think I need to buy bagged stuff from now on! :)

Good luck with your lettuce


Cassandra said...

That is gross but hilarious! I have seen a bin for bad produce at some stores, but not usually. I think if you just left it on the ground it would be better than putting it back (though normally I would never leave trash on the ground!).

Your post reminds me of a conversation about 13 years ago with one of DH's friends, who was living in a bachelor pad with a couple of other guys. He was telling us how he bought frozen macaroni and cheese because the boxed kind was too much work. And then how he bought salad in a bag. And we all laughed and laughed at him. Now I'd bet that every person who laugh buys salad in a bag or tub. I know that I do.

Happy ICLW!

kirke said...

I love this story, even though I'm grossed out.

I would probably have to buy it. I have a lot of Catholic guilt.

Nicole said...

This is why I don't let myself think about these kinds of things! I'd be OCD for sure!


notsofertilemyrtle said...

Disgusting! I love your look on life. I'll be stopping back in!

Happy IClW!

Melissa said...

OMG, I am completely grossed out. I know that that sort of stuff probably happens quite often. Think about how many little kids are in grocery stores and touch stuff all the time? I think its better off just not thinking about it at all! LOL or like the previous comment by Nicole we would all be OCD ish!!!

Melissa said...

i was laughing my head off about the lettuce story!! hilarious!

I hope your day 3 bloodwork went well and that they compliment you on your folic acid taking ability :)