Must See, Must Read, Must Do

Must See:

You must go see Slumdog Millionaire if your local theater is playing it. It's not main stream so you may have to track it down, but it's well worth it. The imagery is beautiful. The story is breathtaking and amazing. The casting was perfect. The soundtrack is phenomenal. It was a brilliant film. It's not a movie I would typically go to, but a friend called and invited me and I thought "why not?". I loved it. Truly a great story about overcoming what life has handed you and persevering until you obtain your goal. Jamal is an Indian orphan who wins a place on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Convinced there is no way he could possibly know the answers to the questions he has answered he is interrogated. In doing so we are given a view into the life that he lived and how he knows what he does. If nothing else you leave the theater reminded that you can't judge a book by it's cover. Here is the trailer for your own viewing.

Must Read:

Strangely enough a movie taking place in India was a good follow up a book I had just finished the night before. Beneath a Marble Sky is the fictional story of the building Taj Mahal and the life of an Indian Princess. It's a love story to be sure but also deals with war and anger, sibling rivalry, the love of a parent/child, and in finding grace and beauty in what you are given. I'd asked for it for Christmas after seeing Alyssa, or maybe it was Alexa, mention it on Facebook. I'd highly recommend it if you love any historical fiction, need a good love story, or are intrigued by India in any way. I wasn't previously but now I find that I want to learn more about their royal family and the actual building of the Taj Mahal.

Must Do:

The underlying theme in both the movie and book I mentioned is destiny. That your path is written. What is meant to happen will. I've never taken much stock in that, always believing that make your own path. To some extent I think that is still true, but I am starting to wonder if karma, or life, or God, or what ever, gives you these options, meant to challenge you. Meant to make you choose the path you were meant to take? As silly as this sounds, I got a fortune in a cookie a few days ago telling me that I would see prosperity though my creativity. Normally not something that would catch my attention except that just a few weeks ago the psychic I went to see told me that she saw me doing more with my creative/artistic abilities. Then this book and movie that normally would not fall into my line of sight, do in fact make it on to my radar, both with similar themes and even strange coincidental moments. Add that to my recent need to get creative and want to write/sew/make things. I don't know what my plan should be, only that I need to formulate one. I want to be more fulfilled in life and I think the universe is starting to show me that I need to take the necessary steps. I'm going to keep watching for these signs and take note. Then I'm going to take action. I must do this.

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Andrea said...


Thanks for the advice. We had been wondering about seeing it and after reading your post we decided to. We went last night and really liked it. Some parts were really hard to watch....they just made me really mad and really sad and really grateful that we live in America and have roofs over our heads. The social injustices just infuriate me. I was so glad it ended on a happy note.

Did you see or read Kite Runner? It is one of my favorite books and movies of all time. I love these movies about different cultures that force me to think and reflect.