putting the pieces together

Years ago Scott and went to the beach all by ourselves for a weekend getaway. Scott's mom, along with her sisters own a share in the Tolovana Inn and we were lucky enough to be granted one of their weekends. I don't really remember many specifics of the trip, it's probably been more then six years or longer. There is one thing though, one thing that we did, that we probably shouldn't have...but now I'm glad we did. You see we took something that didn't belong to us. I suppose it belonged to Scott's grandfather as he owned the unit previously. Regardless, we found it in the owners closet, put it together and were so tickled by it that we took it.

I really hope no one gets mad at us for this. We had the best of intentions. Really, it was just a special, silly memory from that weekend and now the item sits in my attic, waiting for it's next unveiling. It's been out a few times, usually when we tell the story of how we came to "own" it. It may be one of the best, most recounted stories I have from our many visits to Tolovana.

It rates second only to lying on the living room floor with an itty bitty baby KayLee sleeping on my chest while Nathan and I talked and goofed off. I know there is a picture of that but I can't seem to find it right now.

But I digress...

Tonight I feel obligated to share the story of the taken item and a picture for proof because last night there was a fire in the very unit where this story took place. I don't think we know the extent of the damage at this point but the video below shows flames and smoke and water and that usually damages anything not metal or stone, and even those items sometimes.

Those many years ago we were looking for something to do after having a wonderful dinner at Mo's. We stumbled upon the owners closer and inside found the games and toys we knew existed, but there, on one of the shelves higher up was something we'd never noticed before. We took it down, opened it up and kind of smiled at each other knowing this was something fairly unique. We sat down at the dinning room table and dumped out all of the pieces. We proceed to put it together and then looked down upon a sight that we'd never seen before. Something I don't think has actually been made since the 60's or 70's and probably kept from the prying eyes of children. It was after all a naked lady! We giggled, talked about who it belonged to, giggled some more and then decided we had to take it home with us.

So yes we stole it. Sorry Crandall Family! We do love it, and have kept it safe all these years, and now we have one more memory, a tangible, put your hands on it memory that wasn't damaged by fire. Of course, so many memories live on in our minds and when they repair the damage we'll all go back and make more. But for now, here is the piece of Tolovana that lives in my house and heart.

The Playboy Playmate Puzzle, missing only a piece or two.
It was too perfect for us not to put it together,
then take home with us to remember the weekend!

Below is video of the fire. Scott's family unit the one closest to the camera on the top floor. Most definitely damaged. The cause of the fire isn't known at this time. The link below is even more video showing even more of the smoke and damage.

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Anonymous said...

You are right....

I did not know that puzzle was in there I doubt Kaye and Peg did either…

but I do know that my mom always took a couple of pieces out of every puzzle

so she could be the one to put in the last piece...

she was competitive like that…

now where do you suppose those pieces are hiding???