Vineyard in Winter

Here are the pictures I took a few days ago and blogged about. Sorry it took me so long to get them posted.

Estate Vineyard on a frosty January morning. It was 27° out, a thin layer of ice and a sunrise peaking though the fog. The picture is pretty, but doesn't really do it justice. Every morning the vineyard looks different. I could fill up album after album with photos but this morning in particular was just stunning, all a sparkle with winter.

Sun rising over the trees behind the vineyard. The grass is frozen, coated in the frost that almost looks like sugar. It crunched when I walked on it. This is one of my favorite views on the property. Often times I'll look out the kitchen window while making coffee and see deer, chipmunks or the little quail family . I joke with my co-workers that it's a bit like living in Snow White's world.

I've been contemplating creating a calendar or making note cards with some of the images I've taken. I made a calendar for my mom for Christmas and it was a hit. I think if I practice a bit and have more to pick from I'll have some really good shots that wine lovers would like. Something to think about...might be an answer to my sudden need to be creative.


Fat Chick said...

Gorgeous pics! Wow, makes me want to visit the estate!


Nicole said...

LOVE the photos! I would definitely do something with them, no wonder your mom loved the calendar!


Michelle said...

I would definitely do that because these pictures are beautiful!

Emmy said...

Great pictures! I made note cards with my photos for Christmas '07! They were a big hit! Keep it up!

Annie said...

I love that first photo, it is gorgeous!


Karen said...

Beautiful photos! I'm so jealous you live by a vineyard, how lovely. We live in the suburbs but my DH is a home wine maker, so we have plenty of vineyard produce in our cellar :)

Anita said...

Awesome photos! I would love to have a view like that from my kitchen window! That's such a great idea about making calendars and notecards :)

K said...

Amazing pics

Hillary said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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