Spending money on stupid stuff...

Okay, is it wrong to buy a pregnancy test at the dollar store? And no, I'm not pregnant, but I have to take a stupid test to prove it before I can start a new medicine for baby making.

So is it okay? Tests in drug stores run around $12. Just $12, but having bought many a test, and wasted all that money on all those tests I am anti-test these days. But if I buy one at the dollar store is it deemed a real test? How could it possibly work correctly if it was just $1?!?! But since I know I'm not PG, does it matter if the test doesn't really work? I'm gonna get a BFN (big fat negative) no matter, so maybe I should just spend the $1. Then I can get it over with, take the medication, get started on a cycle so I can have blood work done and move on. What a medical delima!

I hate spending money on stupid things!

On a happy note, Gretta the Jetta's taillight is covered under our comprehensive insurance so it will only cost me $100 for the deductible rather than the $259 for the part + labor! But really, that $100 should fall under spending money on stupid things too. Some stupid thing decided to smash my car in and I'm out $100. Grrr!

PS. OHSU is super wonderful. Their nurses in the fertility clinic are very responsive, very helpful and just plain nice. So happy to be working with them. Let's see if that's the case in three or four months when they make me shoot myself with needles and such. Betcha I won't be so happy then....

Happy Monday!

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The Krull Family said...

$1 test should be okay... it's kind of like those ph test strips you use to measure the clorine levels in a pool or to check the acidity of things in high school bio class... At least that's what my OBGYN compared it to, so a cheapo should just do the trick!