Swing High, Swing Low!

I reached into my super comfy, super puffy down vest this morning and discovered $5! It was the perfect way to start my morning. I've decided it will be an omen for the weekend. Regardless of my wacky mood swings and such it will be a good weekend.

Speaking of mood swings, on the way to work this morning, I was looking up at OHSU and it overwhelmed me. The buildings provide me with extremely mixed emotions. The view of the large hospital campus on Marquam Hill is so beautifully lit in the morning, the glass is pink from the sun rise and the misty fog of the cold morning made it seem almost ethereal. In all it's beauty all I could think of was Greg and Shana and the battle they are facing. I hate cancer. I hate that it came back after nearly a year of health and fun for them. It made me teary and I actually had to turn the radio off because the music was making it worse and I didn't want to be bawling and get the ugly cry face on my way to work then have to explain to everyone why I was red and puffier then an angry puffer fish. And then as I continued over the Ross Island Bridge I glanced over at the South Campus to my left and looked at the building that contains the Fertility Clinic and felt a little buoyed. It's the building that will play a large part in my life in the year to come. A building that will possibly give us a new little life, and then I wanted to cry again so I had plug my ipod in and listen to some of my running music which is pretty much void of anything emotional. Two very different feelings, all one hospital. It's a bit hard to reconcile what hospitals are, so many times they are a healing place, and other times not. It makes me shake my head now, hours later.

This is exactly why I can't watch ER anymore, I go from happy to sad and all the places inbetween and then I cry and Scott looks at me funny but I cry more because they killed of Dr. Pratt and then I wake up the next morning looking like someone punched me. It's not pretty.

* sigh * pause for moment *

Okay, on another topic I drove into work this morning and the same lighting that had graced OHSU was falling upon the vineyards. Thankfully, for once, I had my camera with me and got a few good shots of the rows encased in the fog. I can't pull them off the camera at the moment so I'll post them later, but they are quite pretty if I do say so myself...

On a really happy note I'm going to see Movin' Out tomorrow with Cheryl, and strangely enough Ritchie and his new girlfriend (guess she's not that new, but new to me) also have tickets so we're all going to have dinner together. Should be a perfect way to spend a Saturday eveing. I'm pretty excited actually. Musical theater makes me giddy. Like jump around the house, act out scenes, sing at the top of my lungs giddy. Scott will surely be rolling his eyes at me for the majority of the weekend. If not the musical theater bug, then surely the random crying fits!

So I'm off now, to finish my Friday then move into the blessed weekend. Hope you all have good weekends too, sleep in, it's good for you!

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