Mommy's little piggy

The evidence...

The Culprit...
Note the bloated belly. Note the label from the deli, 1lb of turkey. Note that Olivia was soon overcome with a tryptophan coma and hasn't recovered yet. She did wake us up three times last night to have very large drinks of water and potty breaks.

She's never eaten that much food in one sitting so I'm sure she wasn't sure to do with herself. Hell she was so pudgy she looked like she was ready to give birth to a few puppies!

Charity had left a bag of groceries outside to keep it cold because the fridge was too full. Olivia of course found it and was in heaven. We're thankful she stopped at the turkey though because there was another pound and a half of meat in the bag in addition to about half a pound of cheese. Had she consumed it all I think we'd have made a late night trip to the vet.

She is less rolley polley tonight, but still sleeping...

In other news this weekend, Gretta the Jetta had her first taste of vandalism. Someone bashed in her tail light overnight. No other damage, obviously not hit by another car and no attempt to break in. Not sure what would posses someone to do it. Perhaps just teenagers with nothing better to do. Regardless it sucks! I'll be calling the insurance company tomorrow to see if it falls under our comprehensive insurance. I really hope that it does. The whole light is out so I'll probably get pulled over at some point. Lame.

My poor pretty car.

Maybe I love her a little too much but she's the first really nice thing I've ever been able to do for myself, all by myself. Plus she warms my ass up on cold mornings. She's just the bestest!

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