If a container of Half & Half goes missing do you put it's picture on the side of a milk carton?

The half & half went missing at work today. By "missing" I mean someone used the last of it yesterday, threw out the carton and didn't tell anyone. That meant that this morning when I made coffee for the office only the people who drink it black were happy. That's one person out of eight happy. The seven people who were unhappy are big time coffee drinkers.

This coffee travesty has now occurred three times in as many weeks! I have three suspects and I am considering buying a fingerprint kit to get to the bottom of it. I've thought about hiding the half & half but finding a refrigerated hiding spot proves to be difficult. Maybe I should put it in container you can't see through and label it Wheat Germ Carrot Juice. No body would drink that right?

Maybe it sounds petty or trivial, but you don't mess with coffee drinkers. They need it to function, especially when it's cold, wet and dark out in the morning. We live in Oregon, it's always cold, wet and dark!

Lack of coffee set off a case of the grumpies and that spreads faster then yellow fever in 1800's Memphis (did I mention I'm reading a book about the yellow fever?). A grumpy office isn't much fun but does provide all sorts of entertainment. At least we weren't snarking at each other, just snarking in general.

I'll stop and buy more half & half tomorrow on my way to work. I'll buy the biggest damn container I can find and maybe it will last longer then a week! And maybe the email I sent out reminding people to tell me when it was all gone will help the matter...I mentioned that I was snarky today right?


Melissa said...

that's sooo irritating!!

kirke said...

Maybe someone is just drinking it straight....right out of the carton. Maybe they are hooked on the half and half. My hubby would put it on his cereal if I kept it in the house.

The Wife said...

That's very irritating. I had the same problem but with the salad dressings I brought in to work. I started bringing in single packets. Not as fun because of the limited selection.

Jo said...

Oh No! My coworkers and I cannot function without our morning coffee. Totally unacceptable. :-)