Why, its Greased Lightning!

We had an incident last night.

It resulted in Olivia having hair similar to that of Danny Zuko.

I was making dinner, my first attempt at mini-burgers, and was transferring a few to a paper towel to drain off excess fat (must work on trim figure for upcoming trip to Illinois). One of them rolled off the spatula and landed on the floor where my dear dog who should be known as Olivia the Canine Shop Vac, was waiting.

This mini-burger was super hot and I was afraid that in her fervor for a meat-tastic snack she would burn the crap out of her little tongue (and I am so not paying a vet to look at her tongue)! So I'm yelling at her to stop but of course my yelling is falling on deaf doggie ears because HELLO! It's meat! On the floor!

So I'm trying to block her with the spatula but end up whacking her in the head with it and as it was covered in burger grease so is she.

Am I a horrible mommy for hitting my child with a spatula?

I am trying to hobble around the kitchen with my boot and can't seem to get in her path to get the burger when I drip even more grease on her head because I still have the frying pan in my hand. Finally a friend who is over for dinner sees me hopping around with skillet, spatula and frantic dog and realizes what's happening. Being the owner of a Beagle she is quite skilled at retrieving food from pets and swoops in and steals the burger from Olivia.

So that is how Olivia became a Greaser. Now she needs a bath, but in the mean time I will give her mohawks and spikes. Because it's fun.

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Penny Sue said...

This is really funny. Poor poor Olivia.