One step forward, and another one....

Scott and I went on our blood draw date yesterday. It was so romantic. Nothing says I love you like needles, vials, and a waiting room full of people wearing paper masks!

I've gotten quite used to the blood draw thing and it never really bothers me. Yesterday was no exception except that for the first time ever it was so quiet I could actually hear the vials fill up. That was odd. Scott does not like having his blood drawn so I offered to distract him by tap dancing on one leg. Thankfully he didn't take me up on that. The phlebotomist probably thought I was nuts.

We did ask the nurse if there had been a lot of people coming in for Swine Flu. She told us that 90% of the people coming into urgent care are convinced that they have it. It was easy to see that she thinks these people are idiots.

"It really isn't that bad you know, the normal flu will kill you worse," she said.

Well thank goodness for that! Though I don't know how something can kill you 'worse'. I mean if you're dead, you're dead right?

In superdeduperawesomesauce news I am walking! I can hobble on one crutch now no problem and even take a few steps here and there without any crutch. This is so incredibly freeing and wonderful I feel like doing a back handspring, but I won't because I would probably break something.

I can clean my house now, and go to the store by myself and I even reinstated my gym membership so I can go ride on one of the recumbent bikes. I'm gonna get back into shape and never take my ankle for granted again. I swear!

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