My husband and his dirty feet issues...

I am sitting on the couch drinking my new Chinese herbal concoction. Scott is sitting on the couch watching the only good Keanu Reeves movie ever made ( A Walk in the Clouds).

I make a fake retching noises as the herbal concoction is, shall we say, less then tasty. Scott says "I know, they are stomping on all those grapes with dirty feet after working outside all day!"

This made me laugh out loud.

If you haven't seen the movie there is a large grape stomping scene after a full day of harvest.

Guess it's a good thing we don't actually foot stomp grapes where I work or Scott would never drink the wine.

And yeah I know Kee-nunu, as I call him, was in the Matrix too, but his acting is just so bad I can't stand it! And please, if you've never had to suffer that movie he made with Charlize where she's dying and makes him try all these new things, like sing, don't threaten the health of your retinas or eardrums by attempting a viewing.

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