Summer Rain

It smells good outside right now. Fresh new gigantic rain drops on grass and pavement. It smells like summer out there. Too bad it's a freaking deluge! BIG raindrops! HUGE! "Run for cover you might as well take a shower outside" rain drops. Olivia put one paw outside before looking up at me like I was a nut case for even making her consider a potty break in the yard. She promptly ran back into the house where I had to chase her (in my boot clomp clomping around) and force her out.

Only one day of rain though, then we're back to sweet sunshine and this rain will make all my flowers and grass happy.

Went to a book signing and reading tonight. Jen Lancaster's new book Pretty in Plaid. If you haven't read her other books I'd highly recommend you high tail it to your closest book store and fork over the dough to purchase them. She's funny. I want to get paid to write funny memoirs like she does, I can swear and cause a ruckus too! :)

Also, I've decided the term Son of a Bitch is old and tired. From here on out it will be Son of a Crack Whore - for me anyway. And in case you are still following the literal swearing movement (totally makes me aware of how much I swear) that would be son of an illegal substance street vendor!

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Jo said...

I'm sorry I've missed your posts lately. I keep forgetting to check on you outside my regular reader!

How are things?

Hope all is well. What's your latest IVF status?