Like a rabid monkey....

you're going to want to stay away from me for the next five days :) Though with a rabid monkey five days is probably not enough time.


Why? Well my beloved body, my temple of being, my inner workings have stopped working again and now I get to start on Provera again. As some of you might recall Provera makes me a hormonal nightmare. Scott and I had a killer fight last time I was on it, though I would like to think that it wasn't med induced. In fact I am tempted to not tell him I'm back on it to see if I am indeed crazy of if he just likes to egg me on while I am on fertility drugs. He has admitted to multiple parties that he just likes to poke at me to see how I'll react.

Something very surprising, when I talked to our IVF nurse T today (she's super nice and I love her) she said that with all our blood work in we could possibly move forward on this cycle. For a breif instant I was ecstatic, but then I realized that isn't going to work. I'm flying to the mid-west in three weeks for my cousins wedding and I don't think it's wise to travel while on fertility meds. Plus how do you travel with needles? Obviously that would have to go in a suitcase and it seems to me that medication valued at a few grand should really be a carry on item. Kind of like Great Grandma's ashes (great story that will have to wait for later). So we'll just get this cycle going and do the saline ultrasound and then wait a few more weeks before moving forward.

So really it looks like we're still looking at June, which is fine. We don't have any trips planned and I can focus on just the whole IVF process which I think is important. But wow, we're that much closer! Hooray! and YIKES! This is real. This is going to happen now. Somehow, even though we've been marching toward this for a long time I didn't think it would ever get here. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and nervous. I'm thinking the trip to the accupuncurist on Friday couldn't be better timed....I'm thinking I wish I could have a very large margarita right now.

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Stacey said...

June is so close!!

(I hope you are working on that post about Great Grandma's ashes.)