Friday Photograpy

This year I started out with a resolution to use my camera more. I haven't been doing a very good job so far and the year is nearly half over (someone please tell me how that happened?).

So I thought it might be fun if I had to post a new photo(s) every Friday here on my blog. It means I've got to keep my camera with me and make a point of taking something worth sharing.

To start my new little Friday tradition I drove up the the new winery my company built this year and took some pictures in the vineyard. The vines are very young and it's very early in the season so they are almost lost on the hillside because the clover has grown so tall. The sun came out when I got up there so the lighting is a little bright, but the pictures are still so pretty. It's hard not to have a good turn out when you have such a great setting.

Bumble Bee on the clover up at Avellana Vineyard

Bud Break on the baby vines at Avellana

California Poppies in the sunshine

Shoots and bud break at the Estate Vineyard

Dogwood tree with Estate Vineyard in the background


Penny Sue said...

The pictures are great. I see a 2010 calendar in the future. I want to see the new winery some time

Kaye said...

Great photos, Erin. Keep up the good work. That sunshine really helps so keep that comin' too.