Stick a needle in it!

I had a dream on Wednesday morning that was so frightening it woke me up. I sat bolt upright in my bed, a little damp from sweat, and looked at the clock. 5:22AM!

Basically I was lying on on the acupuncture table face down when the acupuncturist told me she was going to stick a needle in the bottom of my big toe (bad right?) and that it would make me pass a very large bubble of gas (WTF?!?!? worse right?) and that she would leave the room to let me do that then come back to finish sticking me with needles. Panic set in, I was about to bolt off the table when I woke up.

Maybe not frightening in the traditional sense, but horrifying in the "I don't do those kind of body functions in public places even if it's expected of me"sense.

A little anxious about upcoming acupuncture appointment? Um yeah. A little anxious about letting a gigantic fart rip in public? I guess my subconscious is. Ah the things dreams reveal.

Thankfully the actual session wasn't even close to that bad, in fact it wasn't bad at all. I even felt relaxed when it was all over and woke up this morning with much more energy than normal. I go back next week for more needles. She thinks she'll be able to help my ankle some too. Plus studies show that women who are being treated for infertility and IVF have much better success when also being treated by an acupuncturist.

But really, the whole idea of needles is still hard to take in. The things I am willing to do for IVF/Baby continues to expand. Next I'll be taking drugs! Oh wait, that's totally true...

Next on list:
1)Saline Ultrasound - basically fill up my uterus with saline to check for any anomalies
2)Mock Transfer - testing of the spacing in uterus in prep for actual egg transfer. I didn't know we'd do this on the same day. In fact the first time it was mentioned was just last week and that seems like pretty serious, ready to roll stuff, which freaks me out in a good excited way.
3)Drugs, drugs and more drugs - probably starting mid June
4)Egg Retrieval - looking likely to be very end of June or early July
5)Egg Transfer - three days after ER

That's it in a nutshell. I'll no more detail in a week or so. Until then I'll just get ready for my next needle appointment!

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