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I had my five week follow up with the orthopedist today and after looking at the x-rays he thinks the bone is healing. Thank goodness! Unfortunately he thinks I'll be wearing the boot for another six weeks. Lamesauce. I jokingly told him I'd have to decorate it for a wedding in June and he told me I could probably get away without wearing it if I wear flat shoes and don't dance. So glad. I wasn't sure how to find a dress that goes well with the boot. I will still have to wear it traveling so we can pre-board! I swear he told me to, I didn't make that up.

It turns out that Dr. W is from the mid-west so we had a nice little chat about the humidity and lightening bugs. Apparently his kids reacted to the humidity like Scott did when I took him home (I think I call Illinois home because both of my parents do) for a week ten years ago. Basically shock and near horror that air can hold that much water without actually raining. Add to it 85 degrees and you have a very sweaty, very grumpy Scott. Which is why he will probably never go back to Illinois with me again. His loss. Only people who travel to Illinois get to go to St. Louis Cardinal games! Only people who go to Illinois get to chase lightening bugs and keep them in a jar. Only people that go to Illinois get to have a Hardee's biscuit with honey!

Friday I go see an acupuncturist who specialises in infertility. She comes highly recommended from a friend and after talking to her on the phone I feel really good about it. OHSU told me to pursue this before we start treatment so it's one more thing off my list. Which is really good because today I had to go to Babies R Us to get a gift for the shower I'm going to and it was difficult. Not only was I completely turned around in that store, but I wanted to buy myself a boppy and the adorable pink and brown bedding for the beautiful scroll crib. I mean what if they don't still have it when I finally do get pregnant? Will my nursery be complete without it? Yes, I really did have that thought while standing in the onesies section looking at said crib. Yes I have lost my mind. But I like to day dream too so I let myself dream for a moment about the adorable nursery I'll have. And it will be adorable. Beyond adorable. Seriously, people will want to move into my house once they set foot in it.

BTW, shopping for people who aren't finding out the sex of the baby drives me nuts. I LOVE to personalize, coordinate and decorate things and not being able to buy color coordinated items nearly killed me. It was painful to my shopping heart. I'm making flannel burp rags and green and orange just are not as cute as I like to go. How can people not want to know the sex of the baby? That's worse than the huge uber wrapped/tapped up present under the Christmas tree!

PS. Reread post and seem to be having something of a drama queen day... not sure why? I guess it's good I haven't thrown any tantrums while people are around.


Stacey said...

I've had a boppy sitting in my closet for oh, I forget how many years now. I liked the pattern on it and thought I might not find it again when I actually needed it. *sigh*
I don't regret buying it, but I always wonder if that thing will ever get used!

I'm glad you are healing up nicely so far! It has been a crazy long time, it seems! (I know, I'M telling YOU?)

And YES, humidity is a miserable thing. That is coming from a Gulf Coast girl! I guess I've never really known life without it, except about half a dozen days out of the year, and on vacation!

LuzmaNYC said...

Um I work for this sort of "mommy and me" thing where I assist a bunch of mommies with pushing strollers so they can hold their babies or whatever while they take classes at the museums and I think I've picked out a stroller for myself. And Andy & I aren't even planning to have kids yet! And also, my sister isn't finding out the sex of the baby and It's driving me insane!!! I can't handle this not buying presents business. And I'm not gonne buy them a bunch of stuff in YELLOW!! I refuse. So... I understand.