Dammit Jim!

Stardate 62821.7 (That is today's actual star date in case you were wondering)

Erin's Log - After a showing of the new Star Trek movie I have reaffirmed my love of hero's. Today in particular one Mr. James T. Kirk. Wowza!

So yes the movie is the totally awesomest. The casting was PERFECT! The action was STELLAR! The whole thing was just BRILLIANT! If are even a close relation to a Trekkie you should transport to your nearest theater.

I've been a Trekkie for as long as I can remember so I've been eagerly anticipating this movie's release. As a little girl I used to tell people that I was Dr. McCoy's great, great, great grand daughter and then I realized that he was in the future so he'd actually have to be my great, great, great grandson. Yes I was that big of a geek even as a child. Zachary Quinto was perfect as Spock. I mean perfect! I'm gushing. I know I am...I can't help it. It was mind and eye candy in one movie. Did I mention the eye candy? Uh yeah, never had a thing for Kirk when I was a kid but Kirk now....uh he can be my captain any day!

But I ask you this: Would you not also have fallen for Captain Kirk if he'd always looked like this?

Chris Pine...well he's great. I had to look him up on IMDB and I discovered he was in Bottle Shock, which I loved. He just had a lot more hair in that movie.

I seem to be collecting new celebrity boyfriends with every new movie I I'm gonna take Chris Pine too. I'm not sure what my hormone levels are at the moment, but without definitive testing I would say that I have returned to normal thirteen year old levels for some reason.

So I wonder when the next Trek convention is and how I can get there?

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