Winter Wonderland

Arctic Blast 2008 (as the news is calling it) has officially hit PDX! It's been a LONG time since we've had any significant snow fall in our area so this is a treat. We live so close to the river that even when it snows other places in Portland we often times don't see any. Not this time baby! We've got SNOW!

Of course I didn't grow up with any snow so I'm like a little kid when this happens. I want to play in it, watch it, eat it. Unfortunately the temperature is dropping rapidly and it's freaking cold out there! Even in my three layers of t-shirts and puffy down coat. Somehow 24° is way colder than 32°! My stuffy nose and sore throat aren't helping either.

I did brave the cold to take a few pictures! I have no idea how I'll make it to work tomorrow. Many of the freeways are closed right now and traction devices are required in the Portland Metro Area. The weather people are saying this cold could stay with us for days.

Little house all covered in snow

Almost 1 1/2 "! And it's still coming down!

View of the street

It's fun to write in snow!

Some poor persons car, guess they must have hit a curb. Just glad they didn't hit my car!

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The Krull Family said...

Somehow already cute houses seem to get instantly cuter with snow!!! How exciting! I bet it really feels Christmasy :)