Two weeks! Fourteen Days!

Did I mention before that I love Christmas? Not sure if I did.... ;) Two weeks left. All those procrastinating on shopping should really get out there, for two reasons. 1) Your loved ones will be appreciative that you took the time to get them something thoughtful rather then that box of chocolates on sale at Safeway on Christmas eve, 2) If everyone went out and spent a few extra dollars we could jump start the economy and make everyone feel a little better for Christmas.

Okay, obviously my plan to stimulate the economy could use a little work but you can't blame me for trying right? Seriously, go spend an extra $20 this weekend. Tell everyone you know to do the same. Tell them to tell everyone they know. Maybe it will work if everyone did it? Can't part with $20, try $10. In the end if it doesn't work someone gets an extra present and you're only out $20 bucks. I'll do it if you do it! If you need ideas, I could really use a few new books. I have a wish list on in case you need ideas :) Hee hee...

Aside from all the Christmas prep I've been doing it's been a rather uneventful few days for me. Unfortunately for Charity it's been a bit rough. On Tuesday night her husband Bruce took their two dogs for a walk and one, sweet little Chihuahua Tox was attacked by a Bull Mastiff, 90 lb dog vs. 12 lb dog. In the end Toxie was pretty beat up but he's on the road to recovery. Poor little guy. You can see from the picture how bad it was. But I will say this, if any dog can work the "puppy dog eye" angle it's Tox. Somehow I think he'll be getting lots more petting and loving, from me especialy. The other dog was of course fine and I'm totally angry on Charity's behalf that it happened. Charity is being far more gracious then I could be. I'm just so thankful that the dog didn't turn on Bruce and their other dog Louie too. Very scary!

Poor little Toxie all snuggled in

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