Soft, white, calm and quiet...

The winter weather continues in Portland. Of course not a big deal for those of you in the mid-west as snow and ice are the status quo for you. Here in our little (big) city we don't have a lot of use for snow plows and gravel trucks so when this happens we get paralyzed pretty quickly. This morning isn't so bad, but I have the day off so I'm not as worried as those who are driving to work might be.

Scott and I just had the perfect morning! I got up early so I could call into work and see what the plan was for closure. Even though I'm technically off I am still the communication hub so I make the calls when we are closed or late due to weather. Since we were already up Scott made coffee and we sat together in bed with the dog, drinking coffee (Me and Scott, not the dog), and watched the news with the curtains open so we could see the pretty snow on the ground in front of our house. We never get to have such a calm morning together and I loved it! The snow makes it that much more special. It's just so pretty.

Yesterday when I was at work it started to snow these HUGE fluffy flakes so I took the screen off my window, cranked it open and stuck my head out. My office is almost a full three stories off the ground so I was level with some of the trees and it was stunningly beautiful. It was so quiet, that special insulated quiet you get when snow falls. I don't know why it happens, but the stillness snow brings is special. The world slows down to the pace of those falling flakes. I wish I could have captured it with my camera but I think it's something you have to feel, not just see.

The weather forcasters are all calling for a big storm to hit us tomorrow night. Up to 6" of snow are expected, followed by freezing rain and ice. I've got my store of candles ready should the power go out and I plan to take pictures too. I know a lot of people hate this weather and it's stressed some of those who haven't quite finished all their holiday shopping. I'm not exactly done myself but I'm not going to worry about it. This weather makes me slow down and I need that sometimes. I am actually looking really forward to being trapped in my house with my little family and a room full of glowing candles.

Tonight we're having our close friends over for a spaghetti dinner. I'm going to pop our fireplace dvd in the player and turn on the Christmas music and we're just going to enjoy each others company. I think that's what we're really supposed to be doing this season right? Enjoying the gifts and blessings of friendship and family? I think it's going to be wonderful, just a simple dinner and a good glass of wine.

Okay, now that I've rambled are some shots of Gretta the Jetta in the snow. She just looked so pretty blanketed in white I just had to capture it! She hasn't been out for a drive in days...I'm super nervous to take her out while it's so slick!

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