yummy! baby kinkachoo!

We had dinner with my sister in law and family last night. The kids are free entertainment so it's always nice to go over there. Last night was no different. The twins have been playing "Auntie Erin" for a while now, they have broken legs that require x-rays, medicine, and of course band-aids! It's pretty darn cute. We took the tape off my incision last night to have a look at it and they were both pretty curious. Jake especially and he had a band-aid ready for me when we were done.

Towards the end of the night SIL was playing with the little ones and had put Baby Kinkachoo (from a Diego/Dora play set) in her mouth and pretended to eat it. This upset KayLee "That is not for eating!" she insisted. So Trish coughed and spat out Baby Kinkachoo which just made me laugh. Of course then it was a game and I suggested she eat Boots, or Dora, or Diego. Jake was on board but KayLee still felt like this should not be happening and was quite insistent. It was pretty cute and funny. I'm sure it was funnier for me watching, but I promised I would blog about Trish eating Baby there you have it.

Today I'm just sitting on the couch, trying to keep my foot elevated because it's been swelling a lot. I was going to watch The Biggest Loser online because it was pre-empted by the Blazer game last week. It's not online. I'm not happy. This is one reason I dislike The Blazers. It used to be Friends that I missed, now it's The Biggest Loser which is near season end....hmmph!

I'm not ready to go back to work tomorrow. There is tension there and I hate it. I feel like an outsider and it's been this way since I hurt my foot. I don't know what else to do. I took them out for a drink to say thank you for helping me, I'm super chipper and never ask for help unless I absolutely need it, and yet they still whisper all the time and close doors so I can't hear conversations. I don't know what I did or didn't do but it makes going to work not much fun these days. I plan to ask my boss to move me to a different office next week, partly so I can put my foot up as the swelling is too much and partly to escape the whispering. One of the coworkers is the same person who left that nasty comment back in February after I broke my ankle. She later admitted that is was "someone in her house" but I'm pretty sure it was her. I hate work drama...The boys in my office are of course wonderful. They just aren't catty the way women are.

Why is it almost Monday??? And where did the sunshine go?


Jo said...

Thanks for the invite. Hope your Monday turned out better than expected.


Tricia said...

you forgot the part where jake put diego in my mouth to rescue the baby kinkachoo from my tummy. crazy kids!

Ashleigh said...

What?! I'm as utterly confused as you....I can't see how anyone there wouldn't like you. Afterall, you're the girl who has like one million plus job titles on your business card. I thought everyone adored you. This is very distressing news to makes me mad. You know what I do when I feel like people are whispering and talking trash? I unleash my inner gay man, I fantasize about kicking them in the shins, then I secretly criticize their outfits. Sounds crazy, but it totally works.