A few things

Foot: Cast and staples out. Holy ouch batman! They said it would pinch or sting a little. I got hot and nauseous and had to lay down. I felt like a complete wimp but that coupled with the alcohol rub to clean the still open incision about did me in. Beautiful Barry my doctor had to bring me a glass of cold water. I felt a bit like a damsel in distress. But happy to report that today it's not as bad. I've been testing it out and trying to see how being up for a few hours will be so I'm ready for work on Monday. I did take a picture of it before staple removal. Let's just say you could call it Franken Foot. Too icky to even post here I think.

Weekend: Suppose to be super nice. I can't garden but I can sit in my garden and appreciate the tulips that popped up this week. Somewhat afraid that sitting in my garden will also drive me slightly nuts because there are dandelions as tall as my daffodils. Must find a way to attach weed killer to my crutches so I can hop around and spray them.

Dreams: Music from Les Miserables usually makes me a bit teary. I think it was the first musical I fell in love with and the songs are so beautiful that I never tire of listening to them. Susan Boyle singing I Dreamed A Dream made me cry. Her voice is stunning. She is Fantine. I think I could listen to her singing that over and over without it getting old. I also found a copy of her singing Cry Me A River on yout.ube and I was blown away. This woman needs to record an album. I will buy it. She's amazing, and what I love most is that her dream came true. She wanted to sing. She wanted to do it for an audience. She was loved by everyone in that theater. She was loved by all of Britain. She's fast becoming a world wide celebrity. She's making people smile, sigh, and cry with happiness. It's her own fairytale come to life and I couldn't be happier for her. So nice to see something positive on the news and so wonderful to watch a dream come true. Dreams really do come true. Something to hold on to when you're watching your own dream put on hold or thinking your dream will never see the light of day. Susan Boyle is proof that it can happen.

Thoughts: Sending special thoughts to a few people in real life land and blog friend land. I know a few of you are struggling right now. In some cases I'm not even sure what is causing your struggle, but I am thinking of you and hoping it gets better soon.

Happy thoughts for your weekend. Let the sunshine in, even if the day is overcast.


Melissa said...

I hope you have a lovely weekend! Maybe you can stare down the dandelions?!? Glad the cast is off, I hope your return to work on Monday goes smoothly. :)

Ashleigh said...

Please (pretty please with a cherry on top) post the franken-foot picture! It'll probably make me faint, but i'm such a self-masochist for morbid icky things like that. You could do a look if you dare link....anyways, i love your new blog layout, it's perdy...and i'm happy you are on recovering well. Also, I feel bad for not being blown away by Susan Boyle, I'm stoked her dream came true, so I hope that shows I'm not a completely awful person.