Crisis averted! I have a new prescription, I have pain relief in my system and I am in clean clothes! Please imagine the heaviest sigh of relief you have ever heard. That's the sound I just made. Ahhhhh. I feel like singing! That could be the percocet.

Really this is just a quick update to let you all know that the Hygiene Debacle of 2009 has been avoided. I know you were all very worried. I was worried.

I'm scrubbed clean, hair blown dry and face washed. In fact I was scrubbing my face so well that I accidentally slipped, shoved a finger nail up a nostril, scraped off half an inch of flesh and caused a pretty bad nose bleed. Now I have a tuft of tissue stuck up in my nose. It's quite sexy. Seriously, only I could be so graceful. I am thankful Scott is not home to laugh at me, though he'll read this and have a good chuckle. At least it's not painful!

Now I will get back to half napping, half reading. Even if I can't feel my foot I have to stay off it!

PS. I thought I had lost my camera, and then I found it in my purse. How it got there I don't know. I haven't used my purse in six days. Why I thought to look in my purse I don't know. I suspect I do lots things while on percocet that I don't remember....that freaks me out a bit...

PPS. Here are the pictures of Olivia that I mentioned. Love that her tongue sticks out when she's sleeping. In the second one she has managed to take over more of the couch width than I have. She weighs 14lbs yet balloons to about 60 while sleeping.


Andrea said...

When I saw your post title I knew before I read it that you must have gotten your hands on a hot little prescription for happy pills. I am glad you are finally getting pain relief.

Stacey said...

Oh boy! I just read your previous post and I am so relieved for you! It must feel awesome to be CLEAN and out of pain!

So sorry you are laid up. I hope the time passes quickly.