hot, steamy dreams...

of taking a shower! Geeez what were you thinking?

Today is day five, or maybe day six. Do you count the actual day of surgery or the first day after? I don't know for sure. I guess technically this is the sixth day I've sat on the couch so we'll say it's day six.

Day Six - Painful! Dude by now I would have thought it would be a bit better. I have to go back to work on Friday. There better be some massive improvement in the next few days if that's going to happen.

I'm almost out of pain meds. I've actually been taking less and less in an effort to make them last longer which of course is probably why I'm suddenly in much more pain than I had been. I'm actually fine if I just sit on the couch, it's getting up to go to the bathroom that makes me shriek in agony. I had lofty goals of getting up and changing clothes today, washing my hair, maybe even attempting a full on shower. Dreams of steamy water have been dashed. I can't even stand up without throbbing pain today. So here I sit, dirty. I did make it to the deodorant so at least I'm not stinky! I've made a call to get more drugs. I really hope they let me have more. I want to change my pants! Sorry, probably TMI...

Apparently because of the class of drug you have to have a paper written order for them, no fax, no phone call. This presents a bit of an issue as I can't drive. The pharmacy guy told me I should have them FedEx it. That seems silly to me. Thankfully Charity is hanging out with me today so she can take me to the doctor's office if they call and do in fact allow me some more happy pills. So while she works on her laptop, I type on my blog before going back to sleep.

I do sleep a lot. A LOT. More than I did in college when I was supposed to be a class. Not sure if that's the drugs or just my body being incredibly tired. Luckily my trusty companion Olivia has been by my side the entire time. Really this experience has made me feel a little sorry for people who don't have a fur baby to sit with them, keep them warm and snuzzle them with love. I took pictures of her a few nights ago because she was completely sprawled out on me, tongue poking out of her mouth, snoring like a log. I can't post the picture because the camera is out of reach and I'm not getting up to get it.

So that's that, not too entertaining, nothing much to report. Guess I'm off to watch some Full House and Gilmore Girls before my next nap. I think happy pills would help me post more entertaining blogs....need happy pills!

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