Getting Ready to Roll!

I spilled it to my boss today. Told him what's going to be going on in June and July. Must say that it went much better than I thought it would and he was surprisingly interested (in a good way) and supportive. He even mentioned to me that he and his first wife had gone this route to some extent and he knew how those appointments could be. He told me that it wasn't going to be an issue to come in late some mornings (blood draw and ultrasounds) and taking a few days (for egg removal and then transfer) would be okay too. Just asked that I give him a heads up on the days I'll be in late or out. This is a tremendous relief of course. I promised him I would minimize the impact on work as much as I could. The co-workers on the other hand will probably not take it as well. They absolutely hate it when I'm not in and due to the economic crunch we can't afford to have anyone come in and cover phones while I'm out. It will be even worse as I was already out for the foot surgery. The thing is, I have this vacation time, and I'm allowed to use it. Why have it if you can't take it off? Anyway, it was great of my boss to be so willing to listen and allow me the time I need.

But of course I trade one worry for the next...I was looking up how much meds cost for one cycle, and I knew they were spendy but wowza! I suppose this is what savings accounts are for right? I am truly blessed that my mom is helping us out with the IVF costs, but I figured I should try to contribute as much as possible and it seemed like meds was a good way to do that. I think I might have a garage sale or sell a kidney. Can you sell a kidney? That seems unethical at best, but I'm willing to consider it... I do have a great Kholer sink and some chairs I can sell and have been thinking about selling anyway. Craigslist here we come!

I did re-read the financial paperwork for the RE's office and we (mom) have got enough to do a One Plus cycle. That means we get one fresh cycle plus one frozen cycle if the first try doesn't work. It's like a mini insurance policy which makes me feel so much better about it all. The odds are like playing a game in Vegas so any extra tries are great. We're ready to roll the dice though!

Next step - more blood work. Scott and I having a blood draw date later in the week. So romantic.

In some extra good news, Monday is over so only four days left until the weekend!


Stacey said...

I bet it is such a relief to have gotten a positive response from your boss! I'm so glad you talked it over in advance and won't have to worry too much about it.

Thanks for the invite to keep reading your blog!

Megan said...

Hi Erin,

Just wanted to say thanks for letting me share in your journey. I know it's not brother and sister in law are also on the Plus One cycle plan and just went through their first round of IVF last week.

I'm sending good thoughts your way!