Blood and Tears

One commercial break in and I was bawling, and no it wasn't the movie making me cry it was the damn commercials! Seriously, Hall.mark commercials are evil. Well, really nice but completely evil all wrapped up in one pretty, chipper, sentimental package closed up with the crowned little gold foil seal. The first one, which focused on people passing on the kindness of giving thoughtful cards was bad enough but then they went and had one dealing with infertility! Great right? Riiiight.

I don't know if anyone else saw it. It was done very well I thought. Showed frustrations, sadness, longing and then of course a happy ending (adoption, baby boy) for the couple (maybe late 30's, not 21 year old perfect looking adorable kids). It made me smile with happiness for them but also cry because my husbands never been able to give me a Mother's Day card. So I cried. And then the movie was so moving that I cried more. I was a complete mess by 11pm. I always cry easily but this was a little ridiculous. Hall.mark commercials are now banned in this household. Chances are I'm going to buy their cards anyway, I don't need commercials to talk me into it. The movie was great though! I love stories of human triumph and compassion.

The good news about moments like this commercial is that they get my ass in gear to move forward. So I emailed our IVF coordinator today and asked for the lab orders we need to move forward. Also told here we're ready to start in June. I'll be back from Illinois very early in June so no reason to push it all the way to July. So as soon as we have the lab orders I am off the lab to have vile after vile of blood drawn. I'm sure they will tell me how great my veins are. You know that used to be fun and a little novelty. I'm starting to resent it. I have blood drawn too often. I know, I know it's only the begining. Bah! I can still not like it.


testedbutblessed said...

Thanks for your comment. It's been a sad yet inspiring notion to see just how many ppl are dealing with the same struggles my hubby and I are dealing with. I know exactly what you mean about commercials. It's both funny and depressing to deal with the impact one simple ad can make on our daily lives. I look forward to reading more of your posts and wish you luck on your journey. Hopefully one day we too will have our happy hallmark moment.

Stacey said...

You know, I have thought several times how I wish Hallmark actually had cards that addressed some of my real-life issues! Maybe they're working on broadening their horizons?!

I thought of you yesterday because I love the NBA Playoffs & our cities are battling it out in round one: Rockets vs. Blazers. :)